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Publisher's Note:

On her fourteenth Halloween, Lizzy Mortimer sees her first death-specter. Confused at first, Lizzy soon learns from her grandmother Bizzy that as Death Catchers, they must prevent fate from taking its course when an unjust death is planned-a mission that has been passed down from their ancestor, Morgan le Fay. Only, Lizzy doesn't expect one of her first cases to land her in the middle of a feud older than time between Morgan le Fay and her sister Vivienne le Mort. Vivienne hopes to hasten the end of the world by preventing Lizzy from saving King Arthur's last descendant-humanity's greatest hope for survival. It's up to Lizzy, as Morgan's earthly advocate, to outwit fate before it's too late. With its unique spin on Arthurian legend, this fresh, smartly written story will stand out in the paranormal genre.…

The Death Catchers

by Jennifer Anne Kogler

Overall Book Review:

The Death Catchers is part small-town tale, part rollicking fantasy adventure, part Arthurian legend, and one hundred percent fun. I was drawn in by the book’s conversational tone and unusual format—written as a letter to the protaganist’s English teacher to explain why she didn’t turn in her final project on time—and quickly grew to love the characters and setting. Lizzy’s voice is engaging and entertaining. There was almost nothing I didn’t love about this book! The Death Catchers is a great read for anyone who enjoys a good adventure. It would also be terrific for a preteen or young teen in middle school or high school who is entering the world of literature classes, since each chapter heading very cleverly features and explains a principle of writing.

This book was sent to Compass Book Ratings for review by Walker & Company

Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language: None

Violence/Gore: An old woman saves a young girl from a speeding car and is hit by the car herself (no serious injuries are sustained and the whole scene is handled in a very wacky and madcap manner). Two teen boys get into a shoving match. Two teen boys get into a fight at school (both of these incidents are very brief and cause no real injuries). A pair of older teenage boys knock out another teen to keep him from interfering in their plans. A woman tries to push a wheelchair-bound elderly woman off a cliff (she doesn’t succeed) and, through magical means, attempts to kill the old woman and her granddaughter (no life-threatening injuries are sustained in either case). Two sorceresses have a magical battle. All violent incidents in this book are very brief, mild, and handled gently.

Sex/Nudity: A teenage girl teases another girl about a crush. Teenage characters flirt, hold hands once, and kiss twice (very briefly and chastely both times). 

Mature Subject Matter:

The possibility of death, prophecy, destiny, changing “fate”.

Alcohol / Drug Use:

A woman tells her daughter that her husband sometimes sneaks out in the morning to smoke in order to relieve the pressures of his life.

Overall Book Rating

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