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2022 Audiobook Recommendations for the Summer Family Roadtrip

Recent Book Reviews

  • Narrated by True North, this is a story of overcomers.  When times get tough, True and her family discover what’s important.  This book mainly deals with kids who are struggling through a…
  • Helen Gayle said, “If you educate a girl, you educate a nation.” Ki and Sang Ly live in a tough place with very little hope for the future, until Sang Ly finds her golden ticket.  This isn’t j…
  • Summer Fires

    by Giulia Sagramola

    Summer Fires is a graphic novel originally written in Italian and is now being presented for the first time in English.  It is the story of one summer and two sisters discovering their sexuality …
  • Foundation and Empire

    by Isaac Asimov

    Foundation and Empire is the second book in the Foundation series. It picks up roughly 40 years after the first book concluded and contains two more stories following the progression of the Foundation…
  • One Piece is a fast-paced adventurous voyage of the imagination. Oda's vivid illustrations of his unique characters and setting bring the story to life, and that story is told beautifully. The narrati…
  • Realms of the Dragons

    Edited by Philip Athans

    Realms of the Dragons is an anthology of stories that take place in the Forgotten Realms Dungeons & Dragons setting. The stories in this collection span many different time periods in the history …
  • Green Rider

    by Kristen Britain

    I was surprised to find that Green Rider is exactly the right length, despite being roughly 500 pages long. Although the beginning is a bit slow, the story quickly takes off and maintains excellent pa…
  • The Hope of Azure Springs

    by Rachel Fordham

    The Hope of Azure Springs is the inaugural book for Rachel Fordham and hopefully a series involving Azure Springs.  The reader is immediately drawn to all of the characters in this late 1800…
  • The Nature of Small Birds

    by Susie Finkbeiner

    The Nature of Small Birds tugs at all of the heartstrings and even a few one might not know exist. Susie Finkbeiner has captured the art of writing books from different characters’ perspectives.  …
  • The Master Craftsman

    by Kelli Stuart

    The Master Craftsman by Kelli Stuart is a mix between historical fiction and modern romance.  The story jumped back and forth between the modern era and the early twentieth century.  The aut…

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