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Publisher's Note:

Dragons have declared war on humanity After a humiliating defeat at the hands of Kendra and Seth, Celebrant, King of Dragons, prepares to unleash his fury and take control of his native preserve. Two of the seven dragon sanctuaries have already fallen. Will Wyrmroost be next? Armed with secret information from a new ally, Celebrant seeks a talisman that will guarantee victory in the war agai…

Wrath of the Dragon King

by Brandon Mull

Overall Book Review:

Brandon Mull gives us the exciting and much anticipated second installment of The Dragonwatch series, Wrath of the Dragon King. The series itself is labeled as a “Fablehaven Adventure” and is almost like a sequel series, if that is such a thing. While being able to enjoy this series without having read Fablehaven is possible, readers who’ve read the Fablehaven series will get the many references and backstory, thus enhancing the reading of the Dragonwatch series. The same goes for having read the first book, Dragonwatch, in order to understand events and characters’ back stories in the second novel, Wrath of the Dragon King.

With all of that being said, Wrath of the Dragon King is a thrilling adventure that picks up right where the first novel in the series left off, literally, as only a week has passed for Kendra, Seth, and everyone else at the dragon sanctuary of Wyrmroost. As caretakers, they have their work cut out for themselves, trying to keep the dragons from taking over not only the sanctuary, but the world as well. After angering the dragons in the first novel, Celebrant suddenly invites them to dinner. That is when chaos breaks loose and war is declared. Sides must be chosen, so the reader is introduced to and gets a better understanding of Wyrmroost’s inhabitants, demonstrating Mull’s creativity and genius as a storyteller. His imagination when it comes to magical creatures, their abilities and habitat is brilliant and certainly shines through in Wrath of the Dragon King. Not only does Mull introduce new groups of magical creatures, but he gives the readers new and interesting secondary characters and another complex dark character.

As the story unfolds, with Kendra and Seth each facing multiple attacks and threats, they have yet another magic relic to find and a quest of sorts to go on to find it. Mull brings back some familiar characters like Patton and Tanu, making this novel seem like an exciting adventure taken with friends. It’s this tying in of the old and familiar with the new and exciting that sets Mull up as a master storyteller, which makes his novels such a delight to read. He also knows how to build up anticipation and leave the reader wanting more–which he does in the Wrath of the Dragon King. Not only does it end in a cliff hanger, but one is left with many questions concerning the rolls of the new characters and how the rest of the world/sanctuaries are faring as the dragons are set to take them over. So set some time aside to read this exciting, imaginative, action-packed adventure, because you won’t want to put it down. Just remember you’ll finish with the desire for the next novel in the series.

Review for Fablehaven

This book was sent to Compass Book Ratings for review by Shadow Mountain

Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language:  None 

Violence/Gore:  Mention of dragons wanting to kill or having killed people (4 times); two dragons fight to the death as people watch; characters happen upon a dead goblin lying in a pool of blood; characters shot at by magical creatures with bows and arrows; character eaten by a dragon; magical creature tells story of how people are trapped by a creature and slowly devoured; character gets turned into silver statue by another person; magical creatures attack character with sword; character attacks another person and wrestles him to the ground; character witnesses someone getting shot in the leg with an arrow; character grabs another person from behind to prevent them from escaping; 2 characters get turned into dust as they touch an object; character is kidnapped. 

Sex/Nudity:  Boy kisses girl’s hand.

Mature Subject Matter:


Alcohol / Drug Use:


Overall Book Rating

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