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Publisher's Note:

Melanie Gate is a foundling with a peculiar talent for opening the unopenable—any lock releases at the touch of her hand. One night, her orphanage is visited by Traveler, a gearling automaton there on behalf of his magical mistress, who needs an apprentice pronto. When Melanie is selected because of her gift, her life changes in a flash, and in more ways than she knows—because Traveler is not at all what he seems. But then, neither is Melanie Gate. So begins an epic adventure sparkling with magic, wit, secret identities, stinky cats, fierce orphan girls, impostor boys, and a foundling and gearling hotly pursued by the most powerful and dangerous wizard in the land. Action-packed yet layered, The Lock-Eater is a mix of lush world-building, high stakes, humor, and emotional heft—a page-turner and so much more.…

The Lock-Eater

by Zack Loran Clark

Overall Book Review:

The Lock-Eater jumps into action shortly after the story begins and grips your interest until the end. Full of adventure and excitement, the story will keep those pages flying. Author Zack Loran Clark has quite the imagination and exhibits that very well throughout the book. He especially excels in his visual descriptions, which transport you to the various locations visited by the main character, Melanie. 

As an orphan, one wouldn’t expect Melanie’s life to be anything beyond ordinary but that couldn’t be further from the truth as she is invited to leave the orphanage and become an apprentice. Not being the typical orphanage one normally hears about, Melanie struggles as she considers leaving her sweet friends and caretaker who are loyal, kind, and supportive. Along her journey, Melanie meets a wide range of other characters who add to the intrigue of the plot. In addition to interesting characters, the magic and fantasy elements add to the compelling storyline. While the story is easy for a 10-year-old to follow, there is a little vocabulary that will likely be challenging, but nothing a dictionary can’t remedy. Readers who enjoy fantasy adventures will love The Lock-Eater.

Review of a Digital Advance Reading Copy provided by Penguin Random House

Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language: None

Violence/Gore: Many (50) brief incidents including characters joking about hurting self or others; potential violence mentioned; verbal threats; character threatened with sword; references to fighting at war; second-hand reports of death and murder; characters receiving minor injuries; fantasy characters hurt or destroyed; destruction of property with no casualties; Two extended incidents including fighting involving human and fantasy characters.

Sex/Nudity: Few (7) brief incidents including character sees picture of characters in romantic poses (no further detail given); girl admits to having a crush on a boy; references to gender identity confusion (not sure what they want to be); reference to cross-dressing; references to homosexual relationships; girls kissing.

Mature Subject Matter:

References to bodily functions; homosexuality; gender identity.

Alcohol/Drug Use:


Overall Book Rating

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