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Publisher's Note:

A team of scientists has invented a new smart drug named Trillium. A revolutionary medical breakthrough, Trillium enhances cognitive abilities, creating geniuses. But the researchers are horrified to discover that genius comes at a cost. Leviathan, the CIA’s assassination team, has been tasked with eliminating global threats using any means necessary. When their superior General Beranger learns about Trillium, he believes he’s uncovered a distinct advantage in the fight against terrorism. After convincing the scientists to share the drug with his team, Beranger learns there’s just one problem—Trillium creates cold-blooded psychopaths. The first casualty is CIA operative David Landry who snaps hours after taking the drug. When he goes rogue, it’s up to Special Forces, along with renowned neuroscientist Alan Pierce and psychiatrist Michelle Emmett, to stop them. Armed with a hastily concocted antidote, the team hunts Landry. His destination? Africa. Nasir Lwazi, the Kenyan president, has…

The Genius Dilemma

by Dustin Grinnell

Overall Book Review:

The Genius Dilemma by Dustin Grinnell is a science-based action-adventure story that is excellent on science and poor on action.  Although not original, the premise of the story is interesting. The detailed research about brain science and intelligence enhancing drugs is thorough.  The style of writing leads the reader to believe that they are going to get a Tom Clancy action thriller; however, the scientific knowledge doesn’t overcome the flaws in the “rest of the story.”

There were events and details in the story that seemed unrealistic, even for a work of fiction.  Secret black-ops forces readily admit their quasi-legal, questionably-ethical mission plans to civilians they just met.  “Genius” solutions to “impossible” problems are simple and could easily have been thought out by a non-genius.  An element of African mysticism makes an appearance out of nowhere.  Political leaders react to situations unrealistically.  Throw in some cheesy romance and an error-filled timeline, and the detail problems overpower the good ideas and well-researched science.  The storyline has potential, but the execution didn’t live up to the novel’s promising start.

This book was sent to Compass Book Ratings for review by Cadence Group

Content Analysis:

Language/Profanity:  13 religious exclamations; 18 mild obscenities; 4 religious profanities; 8 derogatory names; 16 scatological words; 6 anatomical terms.

Violence/Gore:  A few military-like gun fights where characters are shot and some are killed, wounds are descriptive including blood and gore; one instance of a character being physically assaulted in a riot; twice an aircraft is shot down killing many people on board, non-detailed death; an explosion at a house kills several people, non-detailed death; second-hand account of a serial killer, non-detailed; descriptive account of lab animals (a mouse and a monkey) killing other animals they are caged with, blood and gore.

Sex/Nudity:  A few scenes with flirtatious behavior including some kissing, romantic in nature; one sexual reference; one reported sexual encounter, non-detailed.

Mature Subject Matter:

Death of family member, war, revolution, genocide, mental disorders, mental illness.

Alcohol / Drug Use:

Adults drink alcohol and smoke; mention of college party scenes that have illicit drugs and heavy drinking; use of performance enhancing drug, physical and mental.

Overall Book Rating

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