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Publisher's Note:

Aurora West is on the verge of solving the mystery of her mother's death, but it's hard keeping her efforts a secret from her grieving father, the legendary monster-hunter Haggard West. Between her school work and her hours training and hunting with her dad, Aurora is hard-pressed to find time to be a secret sleuth. But she's nothing if not persistent. What Aurora doesn't realize is that she's about to blow open a secret that may very well destroy what's left of her family...and, indeed, all of Arcopolis. From Paul Pope, the legendary creator of Battling Boy, teamed up with JT Petty and David Rubín, comes the nail-biting sequel to The New York Times bestselling The Rise of Aurora West!…

Overall Book Review:

The Fall of the House of West, is the second volume in the Aurora West series, which is a prequel to Paul Pope’s, Battling Boy.

Just as any graphic novel should be, The Fall of the House of West is action-packed! With panels chalk full of visuals, charismatic characters, and a dark secret on the verge of exposure, this is an entertaining escape for comic-loving youth.

In regards to teen connection, you have juvenile protagonist Aurora West, an arrogant adolescent trying to ascertain independence, – relatable. She has a decent dad who is a bit over protective – also relatable. They also happen to be a crime fighting duo set on ridding their city of Acropolis of shadowy monsters – not as relatable, but very COOL! Oh, she is also trying to a avenge her mother’s murder, again, not as relatable, but it adds drama, depth, and even more turmoil to the intrigue that is Aurora West.

It’s highly recommended that those who wish to really enjoy this book, read first its predecessor, The Rise of Aurora West. This will save the reader a lot of the who, what, where, when, and how questions that would otherwise doubt plague them.

Though the setting is a bit dark (think Batman’s Gotham), the dialogue is simple and more often than not humorous; this lightens the tone of the book, making it more appropriate for a younger audience (13+), and certainly keeps the gloominess from dominating the outcome.

A clever twist more than halfway through piques readers’ attention even more, until the final animated panel, which to some may not feel so final. Though there is some nice character resolution between Aurora and her father pertaining to her mother’s death, threats still loom over the West household. Readers who want more of a finality will have to make do, as this is the final installment in the series.

This book was sent to Compass Book Ratings for review by First Second Books

Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language:  5 mild obscenities.

Violence/Gore:  Report of parent’s supposed murder; character falls off moving object when something is thrown at them; extended scene (about 4 pages) characters fight, gun depicted; character fences aggressively against another character; characters plan on hurting/killing another character (more than once); characters hit each other; character hits and zaps another character; character punches another character; characters are in a car accident, no serious injury reported; character is zapped; character threatens to kill another character; character is grabbed roughly and taken against will; threat of torture; depiction of explosion which may have caused death; extended creepy scene (about 4 pages) monsters plot to harm; character is hit over the head; portrayal of character’s teeth being knocked out by a slam to the face; extended fighting scene (about 9 pages) depiction of physical altercation and shooting guns; vehicle explodes; character briefly shoots and kills fantasy creature, non-detailed.

Sex/Nudity:  Couple hugs; character asks another character to be their significant other.

Mature Subject Matter:

Death of parent, teen fighting crime.

Alcohol / Drug Use:

Depiction of bar-like scene, unknown beverage being consumed.

Overall Book Rating

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