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Book Review

Publisher's Note:

Treasure this beautiful collection packed with all the angst of romance founded upon practical arrangements. Four sisters travel in answer to an ad before even corresponding with potential husbands. Two women bend to the will of their parents in taking husbands. A widow commits to a stranger in name only. And two women on the Oregon Trail hitch their lives to men they’ve just met. Will love blosso…

The Bartered Bride Collection

by Cathy Marie Hake

Overall Book Review:

There’s something about picking up a large book full of romance and the first bloom of love in marriage that just makes your day.  The Bartered Bride Collection is just such a book!  There are nine lovely stories all centered around either arranged marriages or marriages of convenience.  Each story is rather short, but these authors managed to fit a lot of wonderful character development and personality into each vignette. The overall setting was in the ‘wild west’ complete with wagons, horses, and cowboys, which made the stories raw and exciting; full of adventure as well as the expected romance. 

With so many stories in one collection, it’s hard to review as a whole.  My personal favorites were the four stories in the middle.  They tell the tale of a man in Wyoming who made an order for bridles for horses from someone in the East.  The person on the receiving end thought he meant ‘bridal’ order and promptly sent his 4 unmarried sisters-in-law off to be brides!  The stories are hilarious and heartwarming and the characters are full of spunk!  Each sister gets her own ‘book’, and each ‘book’ is written by a different author.  It’s a great collaboration and worth the time to read.

Being Christian in nature, The Bartered Bride Collection would make for a wonderful afternoon curl-up with a cup of herbal tea, perhaps on a peaceful Sunday afternoon.  Take your time to savor each sweet story in order to find yourself loving that feeling of falling in love for the first time all over again.

This book was sent to Compass Book Ratings for review by Barbour Publishing

Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language:  4 religious exclamations

 Note: This is a Christian novel and as such there are many prayers and scriptures quoted.  These do reference the name of Diety quite often, but as it was not profanity, it is not tallied in the count of ‘religous exclamations’.

Violence/Gore:  A character beats up another; a gator attacks a character and is wrestled; a character offers to help stitching an animal after giving birth; a character threatens to beat up those who make fun of other characters; a character has violent thoughts towards others; a few characters are killed by storms/fires.

Sex/Nudity: Many kisses, hugs, thoughts of intimacy (not detailed); a few innuendoes; a reference to a saloon lady as a ‘soiled dove’.

Mature Subject Matter:

“House of Ill Repute”, Marriage and Family Relationships, Faith

Alcohol / Drug Use:

A lot of alcohol is consumed at a local saloon.

Overall Book Rating

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