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Book Review

Publisher's Note:

Yes, lovemaking does change after 40, but it is still the most thrilling experience two married people of the opposite sex can experience on this earth! In this practical, fun-to-read, illustrated guidebook, Tim and Beverly LaHaye cover a broad spectrum of key topics and show married couples how to experience a more satisfying and joy-filled sex life long after age 40. Millions of married coupl…

The Act of Marriage After 40

by Tim and Beverly LaHaye

Overall Book Review:

The Act of Marriage, by Tim and Beverly LaHaye, has been my go-to gift for bridal showers for years. I was delighted to discover a version of the book for those who are of a more mature age. The sequel does not disappoint. In a large field of “sex help” books, this one stands out because it is written influenced by a Christian worldview so that it provides practical advice on enjoying physical intimacy while it simultaneously avoids material that would be considered sinful by the majority of Christians. The book also contains material on common medical issues and psychological considerations that may be relevant in terms of the marriage bed for those over the age of forty. This guide does not give much detail of the basics, however, so it will be helpful for anyone who has not read the original book to also read that book if they are actually new to the marriage relationship. This book offers morally grounded advice for couples who want to enjoy the physical aspects of their love life into their forties, fifties, and beyond.

Content Review:

Profanity/Language: None

Violence/Gore: A few reports of death by natural causes; report of a miscarriage.

Sex/Nudity: Since this is a factual book about the marriage relationship, there is quite a bit of sex in it. Men and women flirt with one another in an anecdote; mention of teens “checking out” members of the opposite sex; a few reports of people with promiscuous lifestyles and mentions of adultery; a few mentions of printed and video pornography; report of a woman bathing nude while a man watched; lengthy discussion of the morality and consequences of adultery; many discussions about sex from a scientific and/or spiritual perspective ; a few mentions of oral sex; discussion of safe sex practices; a few mentions of various sexual practices including oral sex, masturbation, and sadomasochism; mention of sex toys; discussion of drugs and nutritional substances to enhance sexual performance or health.

Mature Subject Matter:

Polygamy (reported); obesity as a health problem; pornography (discussed); sadomasochism (discussed); extensive discussion of Christian doctrine about various subjects; gambling (mention); oral sex (mention); depression and suicidal thoughts (mentioned); postpartum depression (mention);  dementia (mention); chronic and terminal illness (mention); death (spouse); marital infidelity; physical disabilities; miscarriage.

Alcohol/Drug Use:

Discussion of prescription drugs and nutritional supplements; discussion of alcohol abuse.

Overall Book Rating

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