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Publisher's Note:

For Madison Grayson, life is good. Newly licensed as a marriage and family therapist, she can't wait to start her practice. Despite the unfortunate shortage of eligible bachelors on the island--they're all too young, too old, or too weird--Maddie feels like she's finally found her sweet spot. Not even one panic attack in the last year. Not one. And then Ricky O'Shea drops in. Literally. Floating down from the pure blue sky, the one man in the world she hoped never to see again--the one who'd been her archnemesis from kindergarten through her senior dance--parachutes into town, landing on Boon Dock, canopy draping behind him like a superhero. Ricky O'Shea. Now Pastor Rick, the new minister on Three Sisters Island. Time to panic. With wit and a bit of whimsy, bestselling author Suzanne Woods Fisher invites you back to Three Sisters Island where family, forgiveness, and a second chance at love await.…

On a Coastal Breeze

by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Overall Book Review:

On a Coastal Breeze is the second Three Sisters Island book.  Suzanne Woods Fisher continues to tell the tale of three sisters.  If you are looking for a quick easy read set in a scenic location then look no further.  It would be best to read the first book, before picking up this one.  Much is explained about the characters and their idiosyncrasies.

Much of the appeal of this story comes from the location.  Although the book focuses on one of three sisters, it tells a part of each of their stories and that of their father.  Perhaps it was not intentional, but this reader found herself being most interested in the life of their father, Blaine Grayson.  The stories are pretty formulaic and if you are just looking for nothing complicated, then these books work well. 

The men written about by Fisher seem to be the ones with the most interesting lives.  Somehow the women just don’t seem endearing enough for them.  This is just an opinion, but the main reason for wanting the relationships to succeed is for the sake of the strong male characters.  Not sure if the author really meant for this to happen, but happen it did. 

Certain specifics about the relationship between Madison Grayson and Pastor Rick are really irritating.  Not wanting to give away too much, suffice to say that it feels as though Pastor Rick makes all of the effort and Madison doesn’t really do much to intrigue him.  The relationship falls flat and the reader almost feels sorrier for him than excited.  Overall, the story seems pretty predictable and provides a quick read.

This book was sent to Compass Book Ratings for review by Revell

Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language:  None 

Violence/Gore:  One character punches another. 

Sex/Nudity:  Report of a married male character squeezing a female’s bottom, she objects; several references are made to a female being interested in a married male; it is clearly implied that two teenagers had sexual relations, no details given; non-married characters kiss and embrace.

Mature Subject Matter:

Premarital sex, death of a parent, serious illness, adultery.

Alcohol / Drug Use:

Report of a teen drinking beer and becoming drunk.

Overall Book Rating

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