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Publisher's Note:

Princess Celie and her companions have made it home safely from the Glorious Arkower, and everything is back to normal now that the Eye of the Castle is where it belongs. With more magical griffins to care for, Celie, Lilah, and Rolf have their hands full. But when the dangerous ancient wizard Arkwright escapes the dungeon and goes missing within the Castle, no one can rest until he is found. Only Celie knows where he is most likely hiding--deep within the secret passageways behind the walls of their beloved Castle. With danger lurking behind every tapestry and under every trap door, Celie must find the wizard and save her family. Readers will be swept away by another charming magical adventure featuring Princess Celie and her very special Castle.…

Fridays with the Wizards

by Jessica Day George

Overall Book Review:

Once again author Jessica Day George takes readers back to her magical world of Sleyne, where the castle has a mind of its own, griffins are becoming more common, and Celie and her family find anything but peace and quiet. In Fridays with the Wizards, Celie and her family have barely enough time to catch their breath from their last adventure, before they are confronted with another mystery as well as more turmoil, in the shape of an escaped evil wizard. Plus, there is romance in the air, more griffins hatching, and the castle telling them to build a ship. This all makes for a fast-paced, fourth installment to this delightful series that will have one guessing all the way up to the end whether or not Celie and her family can manage to wrap it all up nicely and can finally take a rest.

In Fridays with the Wizards, poor Celie is confronted with a lot of change and it is nice to see her consciously choose to act in a more grown-up way. She is slowly becoming a young lady and leaving her girlish ways, and responses/reactions, behind. She is still as spunky and inquisitive as always, but she it is good to see she is learning to temper just how she reacts. After all, she is a princess–even if she is one who rides a griffin and maps out a magical castle. She has a lot to deal with and life at Castle Gower will never be quite the same, yet she is maturing and growing up a little. That doesn’t mean she won’t stop doing what she thinks and knows is best for her family, the griffins and the castle. 

The whole Castle Gower series is enjoyable and original. Jessica Day George has created a unique and magical world that is like no other out there.  As a reader, one might want to start at the beginning in order to understand all that is going on. All four books are a delightful read that will have readers, young and old, intrigued and wanting more. Luckily, it seems like Fridays with the Wizards leaves the reader with a lot of questions, so hopefully this means there will be more to this wonderful series.

Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language:  None

Violence/Gore:  Character mentions how it would have been easier to execute someone; secondhand account of someone wanting to kill the royal family; account of several men being found tied up to the wall and under some kind of sleeping spell; secondhand account of someone who was experimenting in magic having blown herself and a couple others up (no details given); wizard entraps a character in a sticky, web-like substance; fantasy creatures attack someone with both claws and beaks; character attacks someone who was intending to harm by poking them with a magical lance and knocking them out.

Sex/Nudity:  2 characters hug/embrace 3 times.

Mature Subject Matter:


Alcohol / Drug Use:


Overall Book Rating

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