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Book Review

Publisher's Note:

Meet Rossamünd, a foundling, a boy with a girl's name who is about to begin a dangerous life in the service of the Emperor of the Half-Continent. What starts as a simple journey becomes a dangerous and complicated set of battles and decisions. Humans, monsters, unearthly creatures . . . who among these can Rossamünd trust? D. M. Cornish has created an entirely original world, grounded in his own deft, classically influenced illustrations. Foundling is a magic-laced, Dickensian adventure that will transport the reader.…

Overall Book Review:

A freakishly good mash-up of science fiction and fantasy, Foundling (Monster Blood Tattoo, Book 1) is the first in the Monster Blood Tattoo trilogy by creative author, D.M. Cornish. A classic tale of monsters and men, or something more complex? Maybe readers will discover that monsters aren’t so unsavory, and perhaps the real monsters lie within men and his/her intent.

Reminiscent of the first 3 books in the Harry Potter series, through third person narrative, author D.M. Cornish presents readers with young orphaned protagonist, Rossamünd (a boy with a girl’s name). Rossamünd is a tender-hearted youth, enamored with tales of monsters and adventures on the high-seas, none the wiser that he is on the brink of encountering such unfathomable tales himself.

Cornish conveys Rossamünd’s surroundings by generously offering reader over 100 pages of meticulous extras–including, a glossary of terms (integral for the many neologisms), illustrated diagrams, and maps. The author even sprinkles in a few of his own illustrations depicting characters throughout the book. All additional material is helpful in enlightening readers to the fantastical creation of the Half-Continent and truly understanding the world in which the fledgling protagonist lives.

A wonderful read for ages 12-14 (or an endeavoring, well-read 9 year old), with interests in mad science type components such as enhanced humans and curious (slightly primordial) gadgetry. Readers who voyage with Rossamünd will cross a monstrosity of monsters and men; you can draw your own conclusions of which one is really the “monster”.

Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language:  None 

Violence/Gore:  Child character is threatened with a beating; extended scene (about 1 page) child characters engage in physical violence using sticks, character is punched repeatedly; character reads a story that briefly depicts violence; character aggressively squeezes a character’s neck; extended scene (about 2 pages) character punches another character, gun fire is exchanged, character is shot but uninjured; extended non-descriptive scene (about 1 page) character kills a monster using “magical” abilities, character is electrocuted into unconsciousness; character briefly talks about gruesome actions that could be taken against child character; character is grabbed forcefully and threatened with violence; extended somewhat gory scene (about 4 pages) depiction of monsters attacking characters, death occurs on both sides, blood mentioned; character shares how many monsters he/she has killed; report that a body may have been consumed by a monster; character admits to having killed monster(s); character twists another character’s wrist in a threatening manner; monster wishes to take violent actions against a character; brief comical scene in which a character accidentally breaks a character’s nose causing it to bleed; character briefly uses their “magical” powers to knock another character down.

Sex/Nudity:  None

Mature Subject Matter:

Orphan, killing as a profession, surgical altercation of body, death(s), bullying.

Alcohol / Drug Use:

Brief mentions of characters consuming alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer.

Overall Book Rating

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