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Publisher's Note:

A magical new novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Lost Lake, featuring characters from her beloved novel Garden Spells. Autumn has finally arrived in the small town of Bascom, North Carolina, heralded by a strange old man appearing with a beat-up suitcase. He has stories to tell, stories that could change the lives of the Waverley women forever...…

First Frost

by Sarah Addison Allen

Overall Book Review:

When I saw that Sarah Addison Allen had a new book coming out, I practically jumped for joy. I have read every book that Ms. Allen has written, and I have not been disappointed yet. First Frost isn’t necessarily her best writing, but it is really good. I don’t have many authors that I follow closely, so you know that this author is special.

First Frost is, if my memory doesn’t fail me, the first book that Sarah Addison Allen has written with a minor as a protagonist. This lent an interesting voice to the story, and really, it wouldn’t have been the same had anyone else been the narrator. It’s been a while since I read Garden Spells, where Claire, Sydney, and Evanelle are first introduced. Now, in First Frost, they are back, but much time has passed and things are quite different. Each of the women have a special “strange” ability (for one it is baking, for another hair-styling); they have a unique talent at their craft that just isn’t natural. Some people are attracted to them because of this, and others shy away, certain that witchcraft or something equally as sinister is at work.

Bay is the fifteen-year-old daughter of Sydney. Sydney has had a difficult past, and has finally settled down and is styling hair for a living. Bay has the unique ability to know where things belong. Her friends often call on her to ask if a room is set up properly, or where they should display something in school, but those are just the little things. Bay also knows where she belongs, even if those around her have their doubts.

If you have time, I would suggest reading Garden Spells before you read First Frost, simply because there are some things in the first book that will help you connect the dots in this one. And if you have recently read Garden Spells, I would imagine you will be as excited as I was to discover a continuation of the story of three remarkable women, and one brave young girl.

Review of an Advance Reading Copy

Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language:  4 religious exclamations; 7 mild obscenities; 1 scatological word.

Violence/Gore:  A man is mentioned to be physically abusive to his wife.

Sex/Nudity:  An affair is mentioned; cheating is referred to; brief sexual innuendo with some nudity is mentioned with no explicit detail (a man and wife are mentioned to undress each other and sex is implied); adults kiss; minors kiss.

Mature Subject Matter:

Divorce, death of a spouse, theft.

Alcohol / Drug Use:

Adults smoke; minors drink alcohol; potheads referred to.

Overall Book Rating

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