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Publisher's Note:

A family's old, beloved dog takes a final road trip to help his people find forgiveness and healing. Meg Gorton finds herself alone and lonely in Florida. Three years earlier, she packed what she could fit into her sister's car, told her husband, Gary, where he could find her, and asked him to take care of Moses, their beloved black Labrador. For years, she'd tried to talk Gary into moving away from their home in Woodstock, Virginia. They both needed a fresh start after a painful loss and when their grandson Troy graduates from high school, Meg knows it's time. But Meg also knows that if she wants a new beginning, she'll have to do it alone. Now, with some looming health issues, Meg has a plan to finally bring Gary to Gulf Breeze. Gary wasn't able to move on the same way Meg did. Haunted by the family's tragedy, and painfully aware of his guilt because he feels so responsible, he's stuck with nothing but a gig as owner and driver of the bus for his local minor league baseball te…

Even The Dog Knows

By Jason F. Wright

Overall Book Review:

Who doesn’t love a good road trip? In Even The Dog Knows, an ensemble of dynamic characters embark on a journey down the East Coast. In what appears to be a quick trip to deliver beloved dog Moses to Florida turns into much, much more than anyone bargained for. New York Times best-selling author Jason F. Wright pens this delightful tale, cramming each page full of adventure, drama and fantastic nineties references. The plot is fast-paced and filled with surprises. Chapters are short, often end in cliff-hangers, and frequently switch narrators. Wright brings his characters to life with vivid physical descriptions, heartfelt musings and laugh-out-loud quips. With the story set in 1992, readers will enjoy the running joke about the ‘uselessness’ and ‘annoyance’ of newfangled cell phones. Even the Dog Knows champions relationships, love, and second chances. This profound tale should be added to everyone’s summer reading lists.

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Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language: None

Violence/Gore: Secondhand reports of violence include a deadly plane crash and a character described as violent; in a brief scene of violence, a man stabs another man; in scenes of destruction, a motorcycle is damaged and a car explodes. In a brief non-detailed scene of violent death, a character dies in a plane crash. Blood and gore occur during a car accident and from a stabbing.

Sex/Nudity: A few incidents of kissing; a sexual reference is made.

Mature Subjects:

Death of family members, plane crash, cancer, heart attack, separation, mention of addiction.

Drug/Alcohol Use:

A man reeks of alcohol; a man “comes home with a bottle”.

Overall Book Rating

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My mother was the one who sparked my love of books. Long before school instruction, she sat me down and taught me to read. My childhood was filled with trips to the library and bookmobile to find great books. My first loves were The Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder and the Pippi Longstocking series by Astrid Lingren. Now as a mom and speech pathologist, I am constantly looking for good, clean books to use at home and in therapy. I enjoy reading many different genres, but my favorites are usually historical fiction. I married my best friend, the “boy next door”, and we have a beautiful little girl who we often find sprawled out on the floor, flipping through picture books. Together our family likes to swim, run and play tennis. Besides reading, I also love to bake, garden and travel.