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Publisher's Note:

Death at Carp High, the first in the six part series, begins at the beach when high school seniors, Jake Brown and his best friend, Dean, spot a body floating beyond the waves while surfing one morning before school. They recognize the corpse and set out to solve how it ended up drowned in the ocean. What starts out as youthful enthusiasm, quickly evolves into something more dangerous. Threats from a beefy football player and a local sheriff, Spanish II, and a decided lack of romance in his life are some of the obstacles Jake will have to overcome. The last problem may be the most pressing. Fortunately, it s the first to be resolved! The story is fast-paced and dialog driven. Perfect for a summer day at the beach or, in case you don t happen to live by the ocean and it s not the middle of July, a comfortable couch, bed, or toilet seat. Keep your eye out for the sequels.…

Death at Carp High

by Jeremy Gold

Overall Book Review:

I read somewhere that researchers did a study and found that the average male thinks about sex every seven seconds. After reading Jeremy Gold’s, Death at Carp High I don’t think researchers were that far off base, although if Jake Brown (the protagonist) would have been studied by these same researchers I’m sure that those seven seconds might have been five or even three. I have to applaud Mr. Gold’s attempt at achieving a pervasive look at the inner-workings of a 17 year old male; I even felt as though my brain needed a good shower not even half-way through the book. (It’s not as if the characters are having outlandish amounts of sex that is grossly described on every page, but the volume of sexual references, sexual innuendos, and crude jokes is plentiful.)

That being said, the friendship that was played out between Jake and his best friend Dean was enjoyable and highly amusing. Their quick wit and sense of humor will elicit a smile or even a chuckle from the reader; it also shows that when they are not thinking or talking about sex they are actually intelligent young men with an in-depth thought process, and sweet personalities. The plot pacing was satisfactory although a little rushed near the end, with most questions being tied up and answered nicely. Although I did enjoy some parts of the book, the enjoyable parts were overshadowed by the depraved sense of humor that portrayed the character as a one-track mind kind of guy. If you can appreciate a lewd sense of humor (think Adam Sandler in Billy Madison) than you might be entertained by Death at Carp High and can look forward to more of Jake Brown as this is only book one in a series which author Jeremy Gold plans to write.

This book was sent to Compass Book Ratings for review by Carp House Press

Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language:  12 religious exclamations; 34 mild obscenities; 1 derogatory name; 18 scatological words; 27 anatomical words. Note: Not included in the tally -few mentions of obscenities using only the first letter of the word; few mentions of Taco Bell known as “Toxic Hell”.

Violence/Gore:  Extended scene (about 6 pages) characters discover a body, scene is somewhat “creepy” in nature; characters speculate that if they confront the killer they’ll be murdered; characters break into a home; character comically deliberates suicide; character confesses to murder; character tells how his mom passed away; extended scene (about 4 pages) character recounts how another character made verbal threats against him and his family; extended scene (about 5 pages) character describes how another character was murdered, verbal threats are exchanged, blood mentioned; words such as “murder”, “killed”, “suicide” are used throughout the book.

Sex/Nudity:  A few incidents where teen characters flirt, hug, kiss/make-out, and hold hands with one another; extended scene (about 6 pages) teen boy characters discuss if a female character is wearing underwear or not, premarital sex, reference to the male anatomy, and speculate if a female character is on her period; extended scene (about 6 pages) characters have a dialogue about the male anatomy, joke about sex using sexual innuendos, and mention sexual orientation; character briefly uses a sexual innuendo, mentions used condoms; character mentions the names of classmates who are “doing the deed”; character mentions that a girl character looks “hot” in her bikini, boy characters strip down to underwear to go swimming, mention of pubic hair; boy characters briefly joke about their sex life and being aroused by a girls attire; characters use sexual innuendos when commenting on another characters sex life; character mentions he wants to “get horizontal” with another character; character notes that he and his friends made “lewd” comments about the size of their male anatomy; characters jokingly discuss their sexual orientation; characters make obscene hand gestures to one another which imply sexual activity; character notes the different types of sexual orientations; character describes his classmates dancing as grinding and gyrating while listening to music with mature lyrics; extended scene (about 2 pages) character thinks about having sex with another character, condoms, and pregnancy mentioned; characters kiss and affectionately bite one another; characters joke about sex, one character calls another character a “hussy-slut”; male character describes female character as “being all over” him; male character admires woman’s chest; character grabs his crotch.

Mature Subject Matter:

Murder, underage sex.

Alcohol / Drug Use:

Mention of wine and champagne; underage character jokingly orders wine at restaurant; underage characters drink at party; character speculates that another character is using steroids; characters joke about the possibility of getting drunk; character jokes that a cop is searching his car for dope.

Overall Book Rating

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