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Publisher's Note:

Burning debris littering the ground . . . smoke pluming in the acrid air . . . this is just the beginning if he fails. Seven years ago, operative Luke Gallagher vanished to become part of an elite team set on capturing a deadly terrorist. When Luke returns to face those he left behind, their help becomes his only hope of stopping his target's latest threat of an attack that would shake America to its core. Private investigator Kate Maxwell never stopped loving or looking for Luke after he disappeared. But she also never imagined he left her or his life by choice. Now he's back, and together they must unravel a twisting thread of secrets, lies, and betrayal, all while on the brink of a biological disaster. Will they and their love survive, or will Luke and Kate become the terrorist's next mark?…

Dead Drift

by Dani Pettrey

Overall Book Review:

Dead Drift, the fourth and concluding book of Dani Pettrey’s Chesapeake Valor Series leaves a person wondering how many attempts can be made on one’s life before one succeeds.  The story gets started right away and delves into the long-awaited story of Luke and Kate.

Luke has been undercover for years trying to stop terrorists and keep America safe.  As his story unfolds, it makes one grateful for all that is done behind the scenes to preserve and protect freedom.  This book really brings to light all of the sacrifices these oft unsung heroes make.

Readers will be pleased to allow a bit of romance to reduce the intensity of the story.  Sometimes it’s nice to ignore the outside world and focus on the moment.  In the case of Luke and Kate, those moments are incredibly fleeting and much too far apart.  There is plenty of action and danger to keep readers from getting too comfortable.

This book was sent to Compass Book Ratings for review by Bethany House Publishers

Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language:  None 

Violence/Gore:  A person is grabbed and chemically knocked out; several scenes with shots fired and blood mentioned, some fatal incidences; property is destroyed in an explosion designed to kill the occupants; a reference to kidnappings involving murder; a car is forced off a bridge into the water. 

Sex/Nudity:  Non-married characters kiss and embrace.

Mature Subject Matter:

Murder, terrorism.

Alcohol / Drug Use:

Mention of alcohol, but no specific scenes of consumption.  

Overall Book Rating

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