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Book Review

Publisher's Note:

Former Army Night Stalker Rick Jordan usually has his camp for foster children to himself during the winter months. But someone has visited recently--leaving a trail of blood. One of the two clues left behind tips Rick off to the identity of his visitor, who soon turns up dead. The police deem it an accident, but Rick isn't convinced. With the help of private investigator Heather Shields, he sets out to decipher the remaining clue. Except someone doesn't want them to succeed--and will stop at nothing to keep them from finding the truth. With her trademark psychological suspense ratcheting up the tension on every page, bestselling and award-winning author Irene Hannon takes you on a search for a cold-blooded killer with an ambitious goal and deadly intent.…

Dark Ambitions

by Irene Hannon

Overall Book Review:

Dark Ambitions is the third and final book in Irene Hannon’s Code of Honor Series.  Readers do not have to be familiar with previous books to appreciate this story.  Be prepared to be drawn in quickly and plan to not put the book down until things are resolved.

Irene Hannon writes in an interesting way.  She has the culprit presenting information in first person and present tense, but the rest of the characters in the story are using third person, past tense.  In some ways, this adds to the unsettling, creepiness of the story. 

The two main characters in the story are interesting people and their relationship develops alongside the suspenseful plot.  Romantics will be quite satisfied, but this book does not read like a nice, cozy romance.  It is full of danger and intense happenings.  

This book was sent to Compass Book Ratings for review by Revell

Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language:  None

Violence/Gore:  A character mentions that he tried to have someone killed; a person finds blood in the snow; a person is found dead; report that a man was physically abusive to his wife and child; a person fights off an intruder who has a knife by striking him with a hammer; a person is held at gunpoint; shots are fired with a mention of blood and fatalities; a helicopter crashes and blood is mentioned. 

Sex/Nudity:  Several references to a man dating a married woman; a woman says a man didn’t bed hop; prostitution is mentioned once.

Mature Subject Matter:

Murder, adultery, death of mother.

Alcohol / Drug Use:

Character reports someone overdosed on heroin.

Overall Book Rating

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