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Publisher's Note:

From Beyond the Break author Heather Buchta comes a funny, romantic novel about a girl trying to make amends with a former best friend. The thing is: healing someone else's broken heart has its complications, especially when he's now an A-list movie star. High school senior Alexa Brooks had it all figured out. Study hard, nail the extracurriculars, stay focused, and life would follow the carefully crafted plan. The problem is this plan was designed for one thing: making her forget all about her once-best-friend, former-potential-boyfriend, Carson Knight. Four years ago, he was the boy who always made her laugh, the boy she loved, and the boy she mistakenly and very publicly betrayed. Oh, and he was also the boy who grew up to become a heartthrob A-list actor, named Cayden McKnight. An innocent-enough school assignment suddenly brings Cayden to the forefront of Alexa's mind, and her celebrity-crazed best friend Lindsey discovers the old connection. Convinced that his Hollywood bad…

Chasing After Knight

by Heather Buchta

Overall Book Review:

Looking for escapist romance that reads like a movie? Then look no further. Chasing After Knight is a quick read that clips right along. Initially, the book starts out alternating between the present and past events; this serves to tease along the reader and pique the interest. What was so horrible in the past? Well, when it is eventually revealed, it is pretty horrible. Alexa, the protagonist, has a history with a certain guy and once she revisits it, she just can’t let it go. The plot then starts to steam ahead. Many elements of this story are not completely believable. Alexa is amazingly self-absorbed (obsessed?) and her friends are amazingly forgiving for most of the book. The miscommunications and lack of communication among the characters is really quite stellar, but, frankly, that does drive most romance plots–fictional or real. Readers looking for a fast beach read might want to tuck this one in their bag.

Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language: 31 religious exclamations; 21 mild obscenities; 7 scatological words; 5 anatomical terms; 2 F-word derivatives.

Violence/Gore: Character twists ankle.

Sex/Nudity: Characters hold hands; characters kiss; boy puts arm around girls waist; reference to make-out scenes; dad tells daughter’s boyfriend not to get his daughter pregnant during a discussion; middle-school characters play spin the bottle and kiss on a dare; reference to someone knowing love as a verb “according to the freshman cheerleading squad”; joke about alien mating soap star; report of 2 teenage girls streaking topless in front of an old people’s home on a dare; girl sits on boy’s lap; joke about being a “ho ho ho”; character says that he was born out of wedlock; boy and girl kiss on her bed; characters kiss passionately.

Mature Subject Matter:

Parental abandonment, fake IDs, underage characters go to bars/nightclubs.

Alcohol and Drug Use:

Joking reference that someone looks like they “smoked out”; reference to overdose; character states that she doesn’t drink or smoke; reference to a teen smoking; underage characters going into bar/night club on more than one occasion; a woman is drunk at a bar; reference to beer pong; there is a party at a teenager’s house and it “stinks of stale beer and weed”; reference to party punch; a high school senior teaches herself how to mix drinks and then she works at a nightclub as a bartender.

Overall Book Rating

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