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Publisher's Note:

Maya Gupta is a survivor. After escaping an impending arranged marriage in India as a teenager, she has thrived in America. But now she faces her greatest challenge yet. Cancer has invaded her life, and unless she finds a way to participate in a clinical trial in Washington, DC, this may be one battle she loses. When Maya's best friend Kari offers Maya the lifeline of a place to stay, her brother's currently vacant DC apartment, the young woman eagerly accepts and goes to meet her fate . . . Ben Evans's plans have changed, and he s heading home for some much-needed rest and relaxation during his off-season in the major leagues. Upon arriving at his DC apartment, however, Ben is shocked to find Maya--his sister's friend, who he hardly knows--in residence. He soon finds himself trapped between protecting his above-reproach reputation and searching for a way to help a woman he is coming to admire. When Maya's fight to survive her disease becomes more complicated than ever, she and Ben sch…

Chances Are

by Traci Hunter Abramson

Overall Book Review:

I could not put this down! This is a sweet romance that will touch your heart. Maya’s father takes an arranged marriage too far, estranging her from her family, and forcing her into the hands of a greedy man who doesn’t care whether Maya lives or dies. Part way through cancer treatment Maya discovers she won’t be able to pay the bills necessary to live. Ben is forced to hide his relationship with Maya from the press to protect her fragile health.  Yet as the problems build, so does her relationship with Ben, a relationship that will save her life in more than one way.  

This is a tale of boy meets girl in the most unusual circumstances. It is a marriage of convenience that is anything but convenient. It is a book full of screaming baseball fans and quiet hospital orderlies, both of which have a huge impact on the lives of the couple. Women ages 16-70 should enjoy this touching story of a life saved in an incredible way.

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Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language:  None

Violence/Gore:  One intense scene where character hides from a character who wants to have her deported; character loses consciousness and is rushed to the hospital for surgery.

Sex/Nudity:  Kissing, hand-holding, and reassuring touches; man accused of cheating on his girlfriend.

Mature Subject Matter:

Social/religious conflicts, terminal illness, separation, death, bankruptcy, abandonment, homelessness, deportation, arranged marriage.

Alcohol / Drug Use:

Mention of a party involving alcohol.

Overall Book Rating

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