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Publisher's Note:

It's her mother's crazy idea: a trip to Texas to save the buffalo. Amanda Guthridge just wants to ride horses with her boyfriend Philip and plan her coming-out party. But suddenly they're facing alligators, rattlesnakes, and stampeding buffalo on the Texas-Oklahoma frontier with David Talltree, the half-Comanche cowboy who thinks she can't even ride! So she challenges him to a hors…

Buffalo Gal

by Bill Wallace

Overall Book Review:

Buffalo Gal was one of my favorite books when I was young. So when I recently discovered it on my bookshelf, I had to see if it was as good as I remembered. Happily, I wasn’t disappointed! 

Set in 1904, this delightful adventure opens with fifteen-year-old Amanda bemoaning how her summer has begun. She’s stuck with her mother in the wild Texas frontier looking for some buffalo! Author Bill Wallace creates a strong female lead, a teenager who starts her journey a bit spoiled and impatient, but grows leaps and bounds by the end of the book. With a breathtaking horse race, intense buffalo stampede, crippling storm and a rattlesnake attack, the story’s action never ends. Humor and a sweet romance will also make readers glad they gave Buffalo Gal a try. 
Content Analysis:


Violence/Gore: An individual is hit in the nose; a buffalo gores a character’s leg and a horse; a buffalo charges and hits two characters; a character shoots a buffalo.

Sex/Nudity: A few accounts of kissing and hand-holding; a reference to buffalo mating; a female’s white shirt is described as being see-through.

Mature Subject Matter:

Animal activism 

Alcohol / Drug Use:

A few characters smoke; it is implied that an adult will drink alcohol to numb the pain of receiving stitches.

Overall Book Rating

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My mother was the one who sparked my love of books. Long before school instruction, she sat me down and taught me to read. My childhood was filled with trips to the library and bookmobile to find great books. My first loves were The Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder and the Pippi Longstocking series by Astrid Lingren. Now as a mom and speech pathologist, I am constantly looking for good, clean books to use at home and in therapy. I enjoy reading many different genres, but my favorites are usually historical fiction. I married my best friend, the “boy next door”, and we have a beautiful little girl who we often find sprawled out on the floor, flipping through picture books. Together our family likes to swim, run and play tennis. Besides reading, I also love to bake, garden and travel.