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Book Review

Publisher's Note:

After crossing to the "far side of forever" to marry her ghostly suitor, Sam returns to try to convince her stubborn uncle that he is wrong in his thinking about whom his daughters should marry.…

Angels to the Rescue

by Dan Yates

Overall Book Review:

One man became a millionaire at the wrong time. His daughters pay the worst price. How can a family heal and allow love into their home? It might take an angel to fix things, but what would an angel say in real life? This book might give you an idea. This well-developed plot line is “heavenly” and lends its way to much humor.   Angels to the Rescue shows destiny in action, with a taste of wit.  Those looking for romance, intrigue, and comedy will find it all here.  Though you don’t have to start at one particular book, other members of this series include, Angels Don’t Knock, Just Call me an Angel, An Angel in the Farmily, It Takes an Angel, An Angel’s Christmas, and Angel on Vacation.  Angel to the Rescue falls directly after Just Call me an Angel in the sequence.

Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language: None.

Violence/Gore: Punching match; second hand description of murder; explosion with casualty; character forcefully escorted out of a building.

Sex/Nudity: A few hugs and kisses.

Mature Subject Matter:

Terminal illness, death of family member, socioeconomics, robbery, murder, bankruptcy, drinking and driving.

Alcohol / Drug Use:

Four adult characters drink at a bar and encounter a woman incoherent from the effects of drinking; drinking and driving; a man smokes a cigar in another man’s face.

Overall Book Rating

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Take me to a book store and it will be at least an hour before you can pry me from the shelves, never leaving empty handed. I have had my own bookcases (that’s right, plural) collecting my favorites since I was little. I like reading not only for the storyline, but also to see the author’s creativity and the way their personality comes through in their writing.