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Book Review

Publisher's Note:

There are a billion reasons Kate should marry her current boyfriend. Will she trade them all to be madly in love? Katie McKenna leads a perfect life. She has a fulfilling job, a cute apartment, and a wedding to plan with her soon-to-be fiancé, Dexter. She can think of a billion reasons why she should marry Dexter. He’s everything she wants in a husband. And then in walks Luc …

A Billion Reasons Why

by Kristin Billerbeck

Overall Book Review:

A Billion Reasons Why is filled with almost tangible chemistry that will get your heart pumping in sync with Katie’s heart. The whirlwind romance makes it difficult to put the book down. Readers journey with Katie on a road in which she must discover which man will give her the life she wants, and what risks she will take to be with him. 

This upbeat book covers the discovery of an emerald wedding ring, but more importantly it discovers the beauty of a heart. It honors the memory of a father and shows the support of a mother and best friend. It uncovers the youthful “Katie-bug” trapped within the grown up exterior of Miss McKenna, and lets Katie see the truth about herself. One is almost sure to find a lesson about themselves within these pages and leave smiling. A Billion Reasons Why is a good read for women everywhere. 

This book was sent to Compass Book Ratings for review by Thomas Nelson

Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language:  ***

Violence:  Second-hand report of a man being hit by a streetcar. 

Sex/Nudity:  A few kisses; man holding a woman in his arms; bed made up with roses; implied sexual activity. 

Mature Subject Matter:

Abandonment, Death of a loved one, Gambling, Socioeconomic conflict. 

Alcohol / Drug Use:

Alcohol at a party; alcohol at the place where Katie used to work. 

Overall Book Rating

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Take me to a book store and it will be at least an hour before you can pry me from the shelves, never leaving empty handed. I have had my own bookcases (that’s right, plural) collecting my favorites since I was little. I like reading not only for the storyline, but also to see the author’s creativity and the way their personality comes through in their writing.