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Language Lexicon

Language Lexicon

To understand our language content analysis, please use the following definitions:

Religious exclamations

These are words or phrases that mention God, other religious figures, etc.;  generally to express emotion or give emphasis.   Examples:  “Jesus”, “Jesus Christ”, “God”, “Oh My God”

Mild obscenities

These are common words that may offend some.  Examples: “damn”, “hell”

Religious profanities

These are usually a combination of religious exclamations and mild obscenities, considered by some to be blasphemous and/or profane.  Examples: “God d*mn”, “God d*mn you.”

Derogatory names

These are words or expressions insulting a person’s racial, ethnic, or religious background; gender or sexual orientation;  or crude insults.  Examples: ni**er, fa**ot, anti-Semitic terms, “bitch”, “bastard”

Scatological words

These are non-scientific words for feces, urine and defecation that are generally considered crass or crude.  Examples: sh*t”, “bullsh*t”, “sh*thead”, “p*ss”

Anatomical terms

These are non-scientific words referring to the private parts of humans  that are generally considered crass or crude.  Examples:  “*ss”, “*sshole”, “d*ck”, “d*ckhead”, “t*ts”

Offensive hand gesture

Holding up the middle finger, or using the index middle finger in an upward motion.   Example:  A character flips off another character.

F-word derivatives

The F-word and any variation of that word.  Examples:  “f***er”,” motherf***er”

Please note:

  • We do not track name-calling such as stupid, idiot, jerk, etc.
  • We do not track slang terms.
  • We do not track the use of anatomical terms such as “breast” when used in a scientific or clinical way. When correct anatomical terms are used in a sexual context, that use would be noted in the sex/nudity content review.

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