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Publisher's Note:

Rose is the wild girl nobody really knows. Chase is haunted by his past. Both are self-proclaimed "disappointments," attracted to each other enough to let down their defenses. When Rose's strict, adoptive parents forbid the relationship, it only makes things more intense. But Chase can't hide from his own personal demons, and Rose has secrets of her own. After they're wrenched apart, a cryptic email arrives in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve, beginning a desperate pursuit and a look back over their tumultuous romance. Will they find each other before the night is over, or will they be torn apart forever?…

The Opposite of Love

by Sarah Lynn Scheerger

Overall Book Review:

The Opposite of Love, by Sarah Lynn Scheerger, is about two teens trying to figure out where they fit in this world. It tackles lots of real world teenage problems.  There are plenty of trials and tribulations to go around. Child abuse, adoption, strict parents, absent parents, smoking, teen pregnancy and sex are all included in this fast-paced novel.  Both of the main characters have strange situations at home that each struggle with alone. This book deals with trust issues and how it affects everything in a believable manner that makes one want to read more.  Teens will see things they can relate with in the characters’ lives, as there is so much depth to this author’s work. Sarah Lynn Scheerger pays attention to details and did an excellent job of making the story flow along while filling in the gaps. She addresses hard topics with real-life consequences and does not make it seem like a fairy tale. This would be a good book for parents to read with their teens to discuss teen sex and pregnancy.

This book was sent to Compass Book Ratings for review by Albert Whitman & Co.

Content Analysis:

Profanity/Violence:  14 religious exclamations; 44 mild obscenities; 11 religious profanities; 5 derogatory names; 76 scatological words; 18 anatomical terms; 18 anatomical terms; 1 offensive hand gesture; 1 F-word derivative.

Violence/Gore Rating:  Character recalls parents physically fighting; character burns self on purpose with a cigarette; character recalls younger sister cowering under the bed while their parents fought; character slams fist through a wall; newborn baby is found dumped in the high school girls’ locker room; character hits wife and is accused of breaking her arm more than once; character burns minor- aged son with hot Ramen noodles; character beats his pregnant wife; character recalls dad busting the car windows with a baseball bat in a rage.    

Sex/Nudity:  Character refers to another character as looking like an exotic porn star; character references possible molesting at home; minor-aged couple teases about implied sexual payment for smuggled cigarettes; character dresses provocatively; characters kiss; character references remarks written about her on the bathroom stalls; character touches a girls clothed butt with minor descriptions; character accuses another character of trying to cop a feel; characters kiss with details; characters kiss in a closet; girl allows boy to look down her shirt; characters make out (few details); characters explore erogenous zones with some detail; characters discuss sex; minor-aged characters share a bed nightly-sometimes only talking-other times sexual encounters are hinted upon; character considers sex in her head with details and thinks about when she decided to go ahead with it the first time; minor-aged characters have sex with few details; character brags about having sex; character has guilt for being a sinner after sex; character states having a hot girl on his lap would be good; character jokes around about using protection during sex; baby breastfeeds with details.

Mature Subject Matter:

Child abuse, prostitution, child abandonment, adoption, teen pregnancy, probation, CPS, sneaking out of the house, therapy, psychiatrists, medications, domestic violence, teen sex, guilt, custody papers, Alcoholics Anonymous, depression, foster parents, mature discussion about adoption, breastfeeding.

Alcohol / Drug Use:

Multiple minor-aged characters smoke; minor-aged character manages to get cigarettes and hide them from parents; character recalls smoking so many cigarettes in a row that he puked; character is described as being stoned 90 percent of the time; character recalls his father being drunk most of the time; character admits to being an alcoholic; character admits to pretending to take her medications; character thinks about being with her mom even if she was in a crack addict’s apartment. 

Overall Book Rating

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