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Publisher's Note:

Hazel Hughes has spent her life believing she is a Medium—someone who can talk to ghosts. But as of yet, that skill has remained frustratingly elusive. She is also suffering from a reoccurring childhood dream of someone who looks almost exactly like Hazel, but this dream version of herself is slowly going mad. Sam MacInnes is a talented surgeon who runs in the highest social circles thanks to his family’s position and history. When Sam hires Hazel to assist him with his medical practice, he is immediately drawn to her intelligence, wit, and beauty. Their potential relationship is derailed one evening when a mysterious count arrives in London and reveals to Hazel the truth about her past: she was abducted at birth and her twin sister has fallen dangerously ill. Hazel agrees to travel to Romania with Count Petrescu in order to save her sister, and Sam insists on accompanying her. The count has secrets, though, and the journey grows more sinister with every mile that draws Hazel …

The Lady in the Coppergate Tower

by Nancy Campbell Allen

Overall Book Review:

Nancy Campbell Allen delivers an engaging and entertaining ‘steampunk fairytale’ in The Lady in the Coppergate Tower. Based on Rapunzel, this action-packed proper romance has something for everyone! The novel is fast-paced and fun, complete with magic, mystery, and a true fight against evil. The book’s heroine, Hazel, is steady, intelligent, modest, and kind. Hazel is a solid character, who doesn’t need a man to rescue her from danger. Her love interest, Sam, is dutiful, handsome, and quick to engage in flirting banter. Sam’s robot Eugene is hilarious and provides comic relief at all the right moments. The Lady in the Coppergate Tower is Campbell Allen’s third in the series, and readers who have not read the previous novels may be a bit confused in the beginning. Set in Victorian England and enigmatic Romania, this clever tale ends all too soon and will leave readers wanting more. 

Review of an Advance Reading Copy

This book was sent to Compass Book Ratings for review by Shadow Mountain

Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language:  None

Violence/Gore:  A few implied incidents of violence involving murder; several secondhand reports of violence including murder, mysterious accidents, and death; multiple incidents of brief violence including physical fights, a kick to the groin, knife injuries, being hit with flying objects, raking fingers across an attacker’s face; attempted strangling; a few brief frightening scenes involving a body coming to back to life through magic; a brief non-detailed scene of violent death due to a fall; a few brief incidents of blood and gore; a page of intense violence when two characters physically fight and fall out a window. 

Sex/Nudity:  Several incidents of kissing on the hand, forehead, and lips. 

Mature Subject Matter:

Kidnapping, murder, death of family members, claustrophobia, dark magic, bullying.

Alcohol / Drug Use:

A character is offered a drink but refuses; a character drinks brandy in one scene. 

Overall Book Rating

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