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Publisher's Note:

Librarian spy Irene and her apprentice Kai return for another “tremendously fun, rip-roaring adventure,” (A Fantastical Librarian) third in the bibliophilic fantasy series from the author of The Masked City. Never judge a book by its cover... Due to her involvement in an unfortunate set of mishaps between the dragons and the Fae, Librarian spy Irene is stuck on probation, doing what should…

The Burning Page

by Genevieve Cogman

Overall Book Review:

Ms. Cogman once again delivers wit and breathless action in the third installment of the Invisible Library series, The Burning Page.  Readers who loved the first two novels will likewise adore this one with more of Irene’s on-going internal monologues and her endless series of near escapes.

The Burning Page makes it clear that this is not a series that is wrapping up as a trilogy, and that there are more books planned.  That said, this reader is ready for a few more answers and some relationship progression.  (Of course, how Irene would ever carve out time for relationship development while saving life, limb, and library is a mystery.)  It is time to start providing explanations about the Library’s agenda and motives–and more clarification regarding her colleague, Kai.  Action is intoxicating, but it is time for some answers.

All three books thus far have been home runs; fulfilling fantasy with clever creativity that is an absolute delight to consume in a single sitting.  This series has topped my list as one of the best new series released in the U.S. in 2016.  No library card required…check it out!

This book was sent to Compass Book Ratings for review by Roc

Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language:  10 religious exclamations; 19 mild obscenities; 1 anatomical term; 2 F-word derivatives.

Violence/Gore:  Report of thermonuclear war; kill order issued; reference to a murder; destruction of property, several separate occasions; characters chased and shot at; character asks if they should kill someone; attempt to kill using creatures; threat of destruction people/place; report of death; kidnapping; newspaper headline about mauling; character trips and injures self; magic used to bash characters with objects resulting in severe injury, blood mentioned; explosion resulting in injuries; choking, shaking; slapping another; report of death from flying vehicle; pursuit; characters knocked unconscious a few times; reference to someone who skinned people “for fun” (literally); bleeding from nose from exertion; characters shot at; attacked by creatures & creatures killed by magic; choking and branding by magic; character stamps on and kills a creature; threats (w/ and w/o gun); multi-chapter climatic scene involving chasing, threats, massive destruction of property, battling with magic with intent to kill resulting in injuries (w/blood), death (pool of blood), speculated death–descriptions brief.

Sex/Nudity:  Character notices another character’s attractiveness; character suggest “bedding” someone and how it wouldn’t hinder relationship; a woman is told to stop trying to “seduce” another woman (could be construed figuratively or literally); scantily dressed woman; reference to cleavage; character bares back to show a mark (some sexual tension is present) and character end up kissing passionately with a character making clear they are interested in going further, but this is rebuffed/declined; mythical character assumes female human form but in natural form considers self a male; reference to concubine, mating contracts; references/innuendos; characters embrace; implied incest (no details).

Mature Subject Matter:

Death, betrayal, kidnapping, drug addiction, incest.

Alcohol / Drug Use:

Evidence of drug use found (needle marks, needles); discuss a character’s morphine use/addiction; character drugged and kidnapped; adults drink brandy, vodka, etc.

Overall Book Rating

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