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Publisher's Note:

It’s cold, so cold I can’t feel my face anymore. The sort of morning when murmuring snowdrifts fall out of the blackness, drowning out everything except the crackling of the powergrids. Behind me stands the City, its chrome Scrapers pierce the dusty sky like needles in my skin. In front lays the Borough, its grey ruins broken by time and neglect. The Wall surrounds us both. Everywhere else, snow w…

The Boy A Thousand Years Wide

by David Spon-Smith

Overall Book Review:

The Boy A Thousand Years Wide is an intriguing title, and the plot matches this intrigue. Demons, angels, zombie-like creatures–all set in the dystopian future of our world. It is a frightening idea, which makes for an action and terror filled plot. While one might not want to live in such a world, to imagine and read about it is exciting. 

This book is meant for readers who love a violent thriller and crave a creepy moment. This is not a book to read if you are looking for some action scenes mixed with normal conversations and happenings. There is little peace and tranquility in this book–it just jumps from one gripping instance to the next. As for the characters in the book, each of them has some layers to them. They are complex and hard to predict, which adds to the drama. Sometimes it seems like every character in this book has an overly emphasized temper, but this might be due to the fact that many of the scenes are action-packed and filled with stress.

The author seems to be building this book to an even bigger ending, suggesting that this book is the beginning of a series. So if you like the idea of this book, then plan for more than just one book.

Review was of an Advance Reader Copy

This book was sent to Compass Book Ratings for review by Southern Jackass

Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language:  20 religious exclamations; 140 mild obscenities; 14 religious profanities; 25 derogatory names; 43 scatological words; 15 anatomical terms; 4 f-word derivatives.

Violence/Gore:  A character fights many people until is finally knocked out, not gruesome; a person grabs someone by the hair; an adult hits and punches a teen; an adult has a teenage slave on a leash and chain, and yanks her around by the neck (this happens a couple of times); a character describes a magical transformation with gruesome imagery, a few pages long; a character slaps another character; a character shows others some wounds and tells them about how was attacked; a creepy scene involving zombie-like creatures, several pages long; a character attacks and kills a fantasy creature, non-gruesome; gruesome fighting and killing, a few pages long; 2 characters spar with blades, no one hurt; short gory description of birds eating dead people; a bunch of human bones are seen by characters; several gory pages of mythical creepy creatures fighting, killing, being killed; creepy scene with mythological creatures (several pages long), where one of the creatures is killed; a character talks about how a character was painfully disfigured; a few pages of a gladiator-like scene, gory; a teen recalls mother’s suicide and father’s beatings of the teen; a character kills a person and chokes and drags off another person–brief but descriptive; gladiator-like scene, a few pages long, but not gory; a character beats up another character badly; a demon-like creature attacks a character in a painful, magical-type way; a character threatens another character; an adult character yanks a leash that is around a teen’s throat; a character threatens another character; another threat; gory gladiator-like scene, ending in death, a few pages long; several pages of gory fighting; a few pages of a battle scene, non-descriptive; a character punches another character in the face a few times; a character tortures someone with magic; a person recalls how someone killed may people; a person recalls how someone was mutilated; briefly mentioned that character is tortured to death; a character slaps another character; a character is extremely wounded, nondescript; a character is kicked in the head by a horse, no permanent damage; a character is wounded in a gory life-threatening way, a few pages long; a character threatens another character; characters see dead bodies; several pages of fighting, gore, and creepiness; a character threatens another character a couple of times; a character’s shoulder is dislocated, detailed; 3 people are killed, non-detailed; slaves are kicked and beaten; a few pages of disturbing scene involving creepy, gory mythical activity of drinking blood; several pages of detailed fighting and killing; someone brags about killing a person; a character slaps someone and threatens them; several pages of a huge dog fighting a person, gory; a few pages of fighting, some gore; a few pages where a character goes through a painful, magical transformation; a few pages of fighting and killing, slightly detailed; lots of fighting and killing briefly mentioned.

Sex/Nudity:  A male teen hugs a female teen; a male teen is naked (nonsexual) but puts on clothes; a male teen watches a female teen undress, non-detailed; male teen hugs a female teen and strokes her hair; a grown male makes a few unwelcome sexual innuendos directed at a teen girl; frightening scene where grown men try unsuccessfully to take advantage of teen girl, a few pages long; an adult male sexually assaults a teen girl in public; a teen imagines sexual abuse of a loved one, slightly detailed; teen characters kiss; a couple of sexual innuendos; 2 characters kiss; unwelcome sexual innuendo; teen characters kiss; characters hug and hold hands.

Mature Subject Matter:

Death, death of family members and friends, suicide of family member, sexual assault and harassment, war, demon-like and devil-like creatures, zombie-like creatures, child abuse, slavery, blood drinking, murder, violence.

Alcohol / Drug Use:

Some characters use a mythical drug made of blood.

Overall Book Rating

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