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Publisher's Note:

Carnegie Medal Winner * New York Public Library Books for the Teen Age * VOYA Best Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror * ALA Best Fiction for Young Adults * Book Sense Pick The Amazing Maurice runs the perfect Pied Piper scam. This streetwise alley cat knows the value of cold, hard cash and can talk his way into and out of anything. But when Maurice and his cohorts decide to con the town of Ba…

Overall Book Review:

Terry Pratchett is a prolific genius, and if you have yet to discover him, then The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents is an excellent place to start.  The dry humor in this novel is beyond delightful.  The witty banter and clever characters are so satisfying. Maurice, in typical cat fashion, is so condescending the reader can’t help but adore him for his cynicism. Beyond the pure enjoyment and literary brilliance of this book, there is a deeper theme that is particularly relevant for this turbulent year of 2020; this story shows how groups on opposite sides can bridge a gap and find a way to live and work together.

This book has won several awards in the young adult demographic.  The content is mild so an older middle grader might certainly reach up for this title, but they would need to be precocious to appreciate and recognize the sardonic humor and literary references.  Adults–you will definitely want to do yourself a favor and read this one, too.

Review of the unabridged audiobook

Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language:  None

Violence/Gore:  Implied threat; rats come upon dead rats, rat traps, rat poison; bag with rat tails in it; rat is killed in a trap; man hits a girl and knocks her unconscious; man hits a boy and ties up; animal eats another animal; animal confesses to eating an animal; character tells others about seeing an animal fight sponsored by humans; scene in which animals are put in a pit and another animal is but in to kill them;  character severely injured; animal stabs another animal in their “unmentionable” area; frightening voice/thought heard by multiple characters; verbal threats; trickery used on characters so they think they are dying; character dies of combination of old age and exertion; animals caged in inhumane conditions so that they eat each other; animals fight and kill other animals (stated, no description); animal kills another animal; death from fire and injuries; strategizing discussions; rats hunt and kill other rats (no descriptions just notification that it will be happening).

(Note:  The majority of the characters are animals.)

Sex/Nudity:  None

Mature Subject Matter:

Trickery, thievery, philosophy, politics, death, animal fighting for sport and gambling, animal cruelty.

Alcohol / Drug Use:

Reference to humans who drink beer.

Overall Book Rating

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