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Brigitte tries not to ask questions. They don't seem very welcome at her League of German Girls meetings, where she and her friends learn about their duties to Hitler's war effort.

But she can't help asking questions when a mysterious pamphlet appears in her mailbox: a pamphlet full of words like resistance and freedom, from a group that calls itself the White Rose. Brigitte's father and older sister, Angelika, seem to agree with the forbidden papers -- an opinion that is dangerous even to whisper at home. And when Angelika becomes involved with secret resistance efforts, Brigitte's questions only bloom.

Could Angelika be connected to the White Rose? Is Brigitte's family in danger of being arrested? And if she chooses a side, will Brigitte be able to take a stand?

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I Am Defiance : A Novel of WWII

by Jenni L. Walsh

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Overall Review:  

Here we are, nearly a century after World War II occurred and since then many books about the horrific event have been written. One might think there are enough already, but it's a good thing author, Jenni L. Walsh didn't agree because this book is phenomenal. Walsh provides new details that one may not be familiar with regarding the war and presented in a way that is appropriate for a younger audience. Told from the perspective of a middle-grade-aged character, we discover what life was like for the "racially pure" and how they were brainwashed by their government. 

One can't help but feel the suspense and emotion while pouring through the pages. Being in the historical fiction genre, the majority of the characters in the story are fictional, but we also learn a bit about a few heroes of that time and some of the things they experienced. Seeing how the characters evolved from beginning to end was intriguing and could have been similar to the reality of those who were actually in the same circumstances so many years ago. A truly moving and transformative novel, I Am Defiance easily earns five stars.

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  4 religious exclamations; 1 mild obscenity.

Violence/Gore:  Many (39) brief incidents (mostly second-hand) including character looking like wanted to murder another; metaphor of being trapped in wolf's teeth; character exaggerating that she'll kick herself; mention that character will be killed; many references to bombings; references to concentration camps; second-hand reports of war and soldiers dying; second-hand report of character having polio; reference to character dying in childbirth; reference to assassination attempts; second-hand report of characters being sterilized; reference to babies dying or being born paralyzed; second-hand report of shops being looted and windows getting smashed in; reference to character burning fingers on stove; second-hand reports of executions; reference to miscarriages; reference to suicide; character accidentally poking finger with needle; people fist fighting; book burning; bombing destroying buildings (implied deaths but not mentioned). 

Sex/Nudity:  None

Mature Subject Matter:  

Death; war; murder; suicide; genocide; prejudice; cancer; wrongful imprisonment; forced sterilization.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

References to beer halls; reference to kids being drugged.

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