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Serena Jones has a passion for recovering lost and stolen art--one that's surpassed only by her zeal to uncover the truth about the art thief who murdered her grandfather. She's joined the FBI Art Crime Team with the secret hope that one of her cases will lead to his killer. Now, despite her mother's pleas to do something safer--like get married--Serena's learning how to go undercover to catch thieves and black market traders.

When a local museum discovers an irreplaceable Monet missing, Jones leaps into action. The clues point in different directions, and her boss orders her to cease investigating her most promising suspect. But determined to solve the case and perhaps discover another clue in her grandfather's murder, she pushes ahead, regardless of the danger.

With spunk, humor, and plenty of heart-stopping moments, Sandra Orchard gives readers an exciting string of cases to crack and a character they'll love to watch solve them.

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A Fool and His Monet

by Sandra Orchard

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Sandra Orchard's Serena Jones Mysteries begin with A Fool & His Monet.  The artwork on the front is humorous and reminiscent of an earlier era.  When one combines that with the title, it becomes instantly intriguing.

The series follows Serena Jones a member of the FBI Art Crime Team.  It is a relief to find a whodunit genre book that focuses on crimes besides just murders or political plots.  Don't misunderstand, there is some of that found here, but the main crime being followed is that of stolen art.

Serena herself is a somewhat intriguing character.  The opening chapter of the book dives right into the action and shows her as a tough character with some unresolved phobias. Throughout the story, readers learn more of her motivations for becoming a FBI agent.  She has a funny family whose personalities are humorous and sometimes helpful.  Aunt Martha is really great.  She is unique, because she is in the way, but many times she turns out to be truly useful.

The romance angle of the book is much understated.  Readers hoping the lead character will find herself experiencing wedded bliss should consider looking elsewhere for your romantic satisfaction.  There are romantic undertones in the story, but nothing concrete to satiate those waiting for true love's kiss.  Prepare for the intrigue and blunders that follow Serena Jones.  Her life is certainly exciting in this story. 

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  None 

Violence/Gore:  Several scenes in which guns are fired, in one incident blood is mentioned; characters are tackled and handcuffed; multiple references that a person was shot and it was murder; characters often pull guns on others; report of a character attempting suicide, but it is implied to be a hoax; a person threatened to kill a child; a fist fight in which characters strike one another with objects. 

Sex/Nudity:  None

Mature Subject Matter:  

Murder, death of a relative, baby trafficking, organ trafficking, divorce, coercion, theft.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

Report that a character has a drinking problem; a body is found and the person was shot up with heroin.

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