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When Conrad, Moiria, and Heppson's evil enchantress mother tries to convince them to follow her dark ways, they must each decide where the line lies between good and evil, magic and mythology. Based on a lesser-known fairy tale, this young adult book features an impossible romance, an intricate plot, and twists you won't see coming.

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by Jamie Robyn Wood

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Bearskin isn't a prominent fairytale but is by no means less compelling than the more well-known fairytales. Jamie Robyn Wood's translation of the story has many engaging variations that make it her own. The poetic language she uses can become a bit complex at times, full of metaphors and personification. Magic and intrigue abound in this beautiful tale as the characters find themselves in several nearly impossible situations. Of course there must be evil, a force to be reckoned with, but Wood created such amazingly strong "good guys" that one can't help but hope for a happily ever after. The wonderful characters really transform throughout their adventures as the story unfolds. Relationships without a strong foundation are put to the test, and even those that seem solid become questionable. Fans of Jessica Day George's Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow will love Bearskin.

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  None

Violence/Gore:  Many (25) brief incidents including characters told to kill another; characters anticipating death; character wants to taste another's blood; characters worried about getting killed; verbal threats; secondhand reports of murder; reference to animals getting killed; secondhand report of character dying during childbirth; insinuated murder; character cuts self, resulting in non-life threatening wound; witch hurts characters with magic; magical animals killed; character tries to kill an animal for the purpose of eating it; characters murdered.

Sex/Nudity:  A few (8) brief incidents including touching face, hands and shoulders; secondhand kiss; holding hands; head in lap; arms around.

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