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One of the most widely read novels of the twentieth century, Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha explores the struggle of the soul to see beyond the illusions of humankind and achieve a deeper wisdom through spirituality. Born into wealth and privilege, Siddhartha renounces his place among India’s nobility to wander the countryside in search of meaning. He learns suffering and self-denial among a group of ascetics before meeting the Buddha and coming to realize that true peace cannot be taught: It must be experienced. Changing his path yet again, Siddhartha reenters human society and earns a great fortune. Yet over time this life leaves Siddhartha restless and empty. He achieves enlightenment only when he stops searching and surrenders to the oneness of all. 

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by Hermann Hesse

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Siddhartha, the son of a high-caste Brahmin priest, from an early age hopes to achieve total enlightenment—to be able to completely transcend his life. Deciding quickly that he cannot find the knowledge and happiness he desires among his people, he and his friend Govinda leave the Brahmins to become “shramanas”, ascetic holy men. Over the course of his life Siddhartha follows many paths and many teachers, until at last he discovers the one thing that will lead him to true peace. A fictional account inspired by (but not quite based on) the life of the man who became the Buddha, Siddhartha is a beautifully written tale of one man’s quest for spiritual joy. Like the river which brings Siddhartha to his final awakening, the book flows slowly and sweetly, rich with lovely language and profound insights. For those who are looking for a quiet, reflective read, Siddhartha is the perfect choice!

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There is extremely mild profanity, consisting of very mild oaths and exclamations.

Violence is also very mild; a character is bit by a poisonous snake and dies.

Although there are only a few scenes of sexual content in Siddhartha, there are a few parts that are fairly explicit and would not be suitable for young people. (Although the sexual act itself is not described, there are a few explicit passages describing arousal or longing.)

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Mature themes are mild, and consist of seeking for spiritual knowledge, running away from home, and death.

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