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You don't remember her--but she remembers you.

Two different women; two different worlds. On the face of it, Emma and Nina have very little in common. Isolated and exhausted by early motherhood, Emma finds her confidence is fading fast. Nina is sophisticated and assured, a successful artist who seems to have it all under control. And yet, when the two women meet, they are irresistibly drawn to each other. As the friendship develops, as Emma gratefully invites Nina into her life, it emerges that someone is playing games-and the stakes could not be higher.

What, exactly, does Nina see in Emma? What does she want? And how far will she go in pursuit of it?

A gripping novel about friendship and identity, about the wild hopes and worst fears of parenthood, about the small and easily forgotten moments that come to define a life, Her is unputdownable-compelling and hauntingly discomfiting.

Her: A Novel

by Harriet Lane

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There has been a bit of a ruckus about this book, so perhaps you have already heard of it. I know I saw quite a bit about it leading up to the publication date. I started reading it with the anticipation of a book that might be a little like The Girl on the Train (which is a very good read that I highly recommend). Her is a hard book to categorize and pin down. Not nearly a thriller, and yet not just fiction, I read partway through this book and was a little confused. I didn't know here it was going, but I knew I liked what I was reading so I read on only to find a book without an end.


I have rarely come across a book that leaves all kinds of loose ends. Maybe it was just me, but I felt as though this book gave me quite bit of information about the characters and their current lives, but no real back story. Emma and Nina are two women who don't seem to have much in common. One of them is a pulled-together woman who knows what she wants out of life and exactly how to get it. The other is a mother of two young children and has no idea where her life is going or how to survive the commonality of everyday. It was clear from the beginning that the two women had some sort of connection in the past; I just had to find out what.


I arrived at the last page of this book and had to re-read the last few pages just to be sure I hadn't missed something. Nope, all there. I challenge you to read this book and form your own opinion about how the author brought everything together--or didn't. Maybe I'm crazy, but this book left me feeling a little creeped-out. As if maybe there are people in our lives who are more than we believe them to be.

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  4 mild obscenities; 26 religious profanities; 3 scatological words; 11 f-word derivatives; use of bloody as a curse not tallied


Violence/Gore:  A boy goes missing for a brief amount of time; a legend about an abduction is told along with a scary story; a character steals a wallet out of a purse; an animal kills a bird and bloody feathers are mentioned with no detail.


Sex/Nudity:  A woman breast feeds her baby several times with no explicit detail; sex is referred to; adults kiss several times; a man is implied to have "gone off" with a minor girl.

Mature Subject Matter:  

Divorce, theft.


Alcohol / Drug Use:  

Adults drink wine, beer, and whiskey casually; a teen is expelled from school due to suspected drug use/dealing; adults smoke cigarettes.

Reviewed By Lydia
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