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Publisher's Note:

A luminous retelling of the Snow Queen, this is the story of unlikely heroine Ophelia Jane Worthington-Whittard who doesn't believe in anything that can't be proven by science. She and her sister Alice are still grieving for their dead mother when their father takes a job in a strange museum in a city where it always snows. On her very first day in the museum Ophelia discovers a boy locked away in a long forgotten room. He is a prisoner of Her Majesty the Snow Queen. And he has been waiting for Ophelia's help. As Ophelia embarks on an incredible journey to rescue the boy everything that she believes will be tested. Along the way she learns more and more about the boy's own remarkable journey to reach her and save the world. A story within a story, this a modern day fairytale is about the power of friendship, courage and love, and never ever giving up.…

Overall Book Review:

Adored it!  Adored everything about the young heroine Ophelia–from her smudged glasses to her inhaler, from her scientific thinking to her utter determination, and especially her brave heart! The author’s voice was enchanting and perfect for this cold tale in a bewitched museum.  The author strews obstacles into Ophelia’s path, never allowing an easy victory and creating suspense. 

The publisher’s note indicates that this novel is a “re-telling” of the Snow Queen, but it is probably more accurate to say it was inspired by the Snow Queen since the story takes the reader far from the original tale.  There has been an abundance of “re-told” or “re-imagined” fairy tales lately, but this is one of the best in recent memory, is definitely worth reading, and is proof that the classic tales really are timeless in the right hands.  The lyrical prose and brief chapters make for a perfect read-a-loud which all ages can enjoy.  Atmospheric and outstanding!

This book was sent to Compass Book Ratings for review by Random House Children’s Books

Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language:  None

Violence/Gore:  Verbal threat to run a character through with a sword; report of death of parent due to illness; report of killing animal(s) with arrow; report of death by magical means, non-detailed; an extended frightening/scary scene with ghosts; character injured by an animal; report of loss of limb; extended scene in which characters are chased by magical animals; brief sword fight among characters, resulting in an injury and death, non-detailed.

Sex/Nudity:  None

Mature Subject Matter:

Death of a parent

Alcohol / Drug Use:


Overall Book Rating

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