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Publisher's Note:

If there's one thing Gillian Hodge never wants to see again, it's a man on a motorcycle. Her last encounter with one left her right hand crushed, ending her promising career as a concert pianist. But as she heads to Rainbow's End Resort, a sudden thunderstorm causes a motorcycle to crash in front of her. When TJ Benjamin's wife died, he lost more than his best friend; he lost his faith. He's spent the past year wandering the country on a motorcycle, trying not to think about his future. When he finds himself stranded with a busted bike and a reluctant rescuer, he has to wonder about God's sense of humor. Can this woman without a future and this man running from his past find romance in the present? Or are they too tied to the way life used to be?…

On Lone Star Trail

by Amanda Cabot

Overall Book Review:

On Lone Star Trail is the final book in the Texas Crossroads series.  Amanda Cabot has penned a series that takes place in the Hill Country of Texas.  Each book in the series follows the same format.  In fact, the books are so similar that it makes them feel somewhat monotonous.  There are some differences, but overall, the premise is the same.  Boy and girl unexpectedly find themselves together at the Rainbow’s End Resort and a romance develops.  Both characters have some major challenges to overcome.

The idea that people can change and become better is a great one.  The way the characters help others to improve their situations in life is nice as well.  The story mentions a lot about God and one’s relationship with Him.  This is often one of the big challenges for one or more of the characters.  Some of the characters are very endearing.

It seems like the book could have been a bit more concise.  There was not a lot of motivation to finish as the ending was obvious.  One disappointment for romantics is the way the author ended one of the relationships.  In previous books, she connected all her single characters, but not this time.  It is especially painful here, as the series is over and there is a certain expectation unmet.  Readers will have to create their own happy ending.  Maybe that is not such a bad thing.

Content Analysis:

Profanity/Nudity:  None 

Violence/Gore:  Character wants to punch another in the nose; man threatens another with a shotgun.

Sex/Nudity:  Non-married couples kiss, hold hands and embrace; someone says a teen is dressed like a hooker; two instances where an adult male is kissing a minor female; this same male and teen female are found with the female wearing a negligee and the male has no shirt, the implication is that nothing has happened yet, but would have had they not been interrupted; a character mentions the words ‘statutory rape’.

This book was sent to Compass Book Ratings for review by Revell

Mature Subject Matter:

Death of spouse and parents, romantic relationship (married man and teenage girl).

Alcohol / Drug Use:


Overall Book Rating

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