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Publisher's Note:

When James Henry Trotter accidentally drops some magic crystals by the old peach tree, strange things start to happen. The peach at the top of the tree begins to grow, and before long it's as big as a house. Then James discovers a secret entranceway into the fruit, and when he crawls inside, he meets a bunch of marvelous oversized friends—Old-Green-Grasshopper, Centipede, Ladybug, Miss Spider, and more. After years of feeling like an outsider in the house of his despicable Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker, James has finally found a place where he belongs. With a snip of the stem, the peach starts rolling away, and the exciting adventure begins!…

Overall Book Review:

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but no one can tell a kids’ story like Roald Dahl.  Where did he come up with these ideas?  James is such a sad little boy and you feel so sorry for him.  Then comes that magical moment when he drops the bag full of magical something-or-others and from then on, there’s nothing more to feel sorry about!  All of the giant insects have such individual personalities; some are grouchy, some are peppy, some are just plain crazy!  The adventures they have are so imaginative and fun for children (of all ages!) such as floating away on a giant peach carried by hundreds of seagulls, dodging angry cloud people, smashing into newly painted rainbows, and being speared by the Empire State Building!  Where will they end up?  This journey is one in a million!

Content Analysis:  

Roald Dahl is really for all ages.  There were a few words I had to skip over when I read this aloud to my children, as one character throws in a few ‘colorful metaphors’ once in awhile. 

As far as violence, they are attacked by sharks (no one dies) and cloud people.  Two characters die—they’re crushed.  A character tells of family members being killed.

Mature Subject Matter:

As far as themes go, there is dealing with sadness and loss, dealing with harsh living conditions and circumstances, and overcoming those to be better.

Alcohol / Drug Use:


Overall Book Rating

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