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Publisher's Note:

It's the pivotal fourth novel in the seven-part saga of a young wizard's coming of age. The thickest. The juiciest yet. Harry Potter turns fourteen. But will all his friends? Rumors have persisted that one of the characters may not see the conclusion of this novel, something the author has refused either to confirm or deny. But we who love Ron, Hermione, Hagrid...even pitiful Neville Longbottom...wait anxiously to see if they will make it through safely. No one's fate is certain when Volde -- excuse me -- He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is part of the picture. What is certain is that a novel of excruciating suspense awaits, leavened by J. K. Rowling's inimitable sense of humor and the burgeoning details of her magical world. Whether it's taking a front-row seat at the International Quidditch World Cup, or meeting the new Defense-Against-the-Dark-Arts teacher, or finding out if Harry really does start a romance with Cho Chang, fans of the history-making boy-wizard will find their thirst for…

Overall Book Review:

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the fourth book in the famous series of the ages.

Goblet of Fire is quite a long book in comparison to the first three books, and some people find this discouraging to come across after finishing each of the other three books so quickly. I know a couple of people who dropped the series part-way through this book. But don’t you do that. Stick with it. Once you see what comes in this book, you will think to yourself, “No wonder Rowling had to make the book so thick. The book is packed with happening moments!” And the end! The end of the book is a turning point to the entire series. Harry’s life is altered irrevocably and he is forced into some very fast growing-up. 

So please don’t give up. You will like this book, I promise! You will even be glad it was so long, because there was more of it for you to enjoy.

To make it easier, listen to the excellent audiobook during a holiday break. The road trips will give you a great excuse for the big chunks of time to listen. Also, you can now get the Harry Potter audiobooks for cheaper than they have ever been, using Audible. (No, Audible did not pay me to say that. But if an employee reads this review, I would love a free audiobook. Hint hint.) Per usual, Jim Dale is unmatchable in his excellence as narrator. You should hear his voice for Voldemort. It is a treasure and very hard to imitate (yes, I did try).

Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language: 1 religious exclamation; 2 mild obscenities.

Violence/Gore: A story is told of a mysterious set of murders; adults discuss past murders and future plans to murder; an adult murders another adult; frightening scene where criminals are terrorizing people and causing emotional trauma; riot; a teacher turns a student into a small animal and bounces him painfully on the ground; a teacher does a disturbing demonstration for students involving murdering and torturing spiders with magic; a frightening long scene where a student tries to get past a large magical creature, and gets a small injury; students discuss how other students got small injuries in frightening situations; a few magical creatures try to kill a student; an adult is tortured using magic; frightening and disturbing creatures are part of a scene; a long frightening scene where a student comes across a few life-threatening obstacles; a student tortures another student using magic; a huge frightening creature injures a student’s leg and then drops him onto his injured leg; an adult kills a student and another student sees it happen; an adult cuts a student a small amount with a knife; an adult cuts off his own hand with a knife, some detail; an adult tortures another adult using magic; an adult talks about murder he has committed; an adult tortures a teenager with magic; an adult attempts to murder a student; a different adult attempts to murder a student; an adult is said to have lost his soul to a mythical creature; students use magic to knock out other students.

Sex/Nudity:  A nonsexual comment about areas normally covered by a swimsuit; sexual innuendo; female and male students dance together; female and male students are implied to be kissing in bushes.

Mature Subject Matter:

Social conflict concerning pureblood magical status, death of friend, torture, murder, discrimination, guardians openly dislike their teenage charge.

Alcohol / Drug Use:


Overall Book Rating

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