Lost in the Never Woods

Lost in the Never Woods is a dark Peter Pan retelling. The story takes place in the contemporary world, but with dark elements of fairy-tale magic. Wendy Darling thought the mystery of her younger brothers’ disappearance would never be solved. But five years after her brothers disappear more children go missing from Wendy’s town. When […]
Refugee, Book Cover


Alan Gratz is becoming “the guy” for middle grade historical fiction on tough topics. Refugee has received many accolades–all of which it deserves. It is a raw, unfiltered look at the immigrant experience through three refugee children and their families. The author pulls none of his punches and shows the horrific personal losses that occur […]
Cindy M

Birdie’s Billions

Birdie’s Billions is a fun story for those who enjoy reading about someone experiencing a sudden windfall. With her newfound money, main character Birdie finds her life gets complicated to say the least. Birdie is a character who feels very authentic: a young girl who just wants to fit in. At times, Birdie might drive […]

Echoes and Empires

Do you love strong female protagonists? Magic and adventure? Then you might enjoy Echoes and Empires, a new release that has the perfect mix of fantasy, magic, and just a little bit of romance.  Josslyn Drake lives in a world where magic exists, but is forbidden, and if anyone is suspected of having it, they […]


Cytonic, the third book in the Skyward series, is the most ambitious book in this series so far. In the second book, Starsight, Spensa left her home world and traveled among the stars. In Cytonic, Spensa and M-bot travel beyond the stars to the Nowhere, a dimension inhabited by the delvers – aliens with the […]

It Will End Like This

Grief is a powerful thing. For Charlotte and her sister, Maddi, the loss of their mom comes as a shock and a crippling blow. Especially once they start coming to terms with what really happened to their mom before she died. Charlotte can’t believe that this is her new reality: her mom is gone and […]

My Fine Fellow

My Fine Fellow is a food inspired take on the classic Pygmalion or My Fair Lady story.  Set in 1800’s England, the story follows the training and rise of Mr. Elijah Little as two aspiring culinarians (students of the culinary arts) take him under their wing and seek to elevate his circumstances. The review of […]

Dragonwatch: Return of the Dragon Slayers

Dragonwatch: Return of the Dragon Slayers is not only author, Brandon Mull’s, final installment of the Dragonwatch series, but in the Fablehaven world as well. This action-packed novel takes the reader on an epic, globetrotting adventure as Kendra, Seth, Knox and Tessa race to save the world from the dragons taking over and destroying humankind. […]


Shadowdale sets the stage for an epic high-fantasy trilogy that spawned an additional two sequels to make up the five-book Avatar Series. This first installment is rich with adventure and magic. The story has a grand scope set against the backdrop of a detailed and expansive fantasy world, but the grandeur does not overshadow the […]

Just Roll With It

Veronica Agarwal’s Just Roll With It is a sweet story of friendship and overcoming difficulties. Lee Durfey-Lavoie’s illustrations are an excellent complement to Agarwal’s story. The majority of the characters are supportive and understanding and it’s great to see main character Maggie learn and grow. Of course, there are a few antagonists who add conflict […]