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Publisher's Note:

After his adventures through time, Finn returns home to a world he doesn’t recognize. Changing the past has created an all-new present, one in which he and his friends never vanquished the Plague. Now the giant bugs rule Earth from their spaceship! What’s an intergalactic traveler to do? The answer is obvious. Finn, Lincoln and Julep must defeat the Plague. Again. But how? Julep and Lincoln don’t remember Finn or their friendships. In fact, they’ve changed just as much as the world itself has, and they want nothing to do with his dangerous plan to save humankind. Finn’s plan? Find his father, Asher Foley, who is trapped on a microscopic world known as the Subatomic. Using a space-age slip-and-slide, Finn and his confused former-friends shrink themselves to enter this strange new world where nothing is as it seems, hoping to find his father, the one man who can put history, and the present, back together. It won’t be easy. The Subatomic is ruled by an evil menace with an army …

Overall Book Review:

Continuing The Finniverse Series, Finn and the Subatomic Slip-and-Slide is another adventure to feed your imagination. The technology and gadgets from the future are impressive, but in the wrong hands they prove to be treacherous. Main characters from book two, Finn, Lincoln and Julep, also find their way in this new adventure but their relationships are different because they changed the past in the last story. Their friendships are tested as they frequently find themselves in perilous situations, but they aren’t alone and along with new enemies they find a few new foes. 

Author Michael Buckley keeps our interest as we jump from one intense setting to another. Even though this is a series, I would recommend starting with the previous books but it’s not absolutely necessary as Buckley is great at cluing you into the necessary plot points from the previous books. After reading book two, Finn and the Time Traveling Pajamas, I was expecting this to be the final of the series but the ending clearly left the story open for another fantastic book. Sci-fi and fantasy/adventure fans will love this exciting five-star book!

Review of an Advance Reading Copy from Delacorte Press

Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language: None. (Note: Character saying the acronym “O.M.G.” (but not the words) and one reference to character swearing (no word given).)

Violence/Gore: Many (59) brief incidents including several incidents when characters could get hurt or killed; gun aimed at character; verbal threats; secondhand report of houses being demolished; reference to character fighting monster; references to kidnapping and attempted murder; reference to killers and bandits; secondhand report of animals that eat people; reference to pulling wings off an insect; characters saw dead animals; characters get a little sore from sliding on the ground; characters kicking another; character falls down receiving minor injuries; fist fights; character slaps another in the face; girl briefly tortured with energy receiving no injuries; several incidents including fantasy characters fighting; characters getting attacked; character falls from the sky; explosion occurring on a ship. One extended incident of characters fighting (mostly) robots and causing a lot of property damage.

Sex/Nudity: Few (5) brief incidents including character teasing a boy about liking a girl; character sees a picture of a girl kissing a boy; woman kissing her husband; young characters holding hands; robot kiss.

Mature Subject Matter:

War; a few incidents of gross bodily functions.

Alcohol/Drug Use:


Overall Book Rating

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