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Publisher's Note:

The battle for mankind is about to begin in this riveting story of Earth’s invasion from the author of the H.I.V.E. series. Sam awakens to see strange vessels gathered in the skies around London. As he stares up, people stream past, walking silently toward the enormous ships, which emit a persistent noise. Only Sam seems immune to the signal. Six months later, he is absolutely alone. Or so he thinks. Because after he emerges from his underground bunker and is wounded by a flying drone, a hail of machine-gun fire ultimately reveals two very important truths: One, Sam is not, in fact, alone. And two, the drone injury should have killed him—but it didn’t. With his home planet feeling alien and the future unstable and unclear, Sam must navigate a new world in this gripping adventure.…


by Mark Walden

Overall Book Review:

Humanity’s worst fears come true in this book.  People often ask how we can overcome insurmountable odds.  Well, a small group of teens were asked this question and they worked hard to discover the answer.  Finding that teamwork and integrity were the starting point, they made a difference in their world that had been turned upside down.  Faced with circumstances that most adults would cringe at, they formed a bond and had each other’s backs, for better or worse.

Earthfall was a fast-paced book that was suspenseful and entertaining to read.  The characters were believable, even if a few were short lived.  They had to work hard to learn the skills they had and being brave didn’t always come easily.  The plot is based on a two-year war where teens are the primary characters who fight back.  Mark Walden has done a noble job taking us on a rapidly moving adventure while being mindful of the age demographic.  The book stands well on its own, yet thankfully, it is just the first in the trilogy.  The ending may seem a little anti-climactic, only solving part of the problem presented in the plot, however, it leaves a smart opening for the next book and gives the reader an appetite to continue the series.

Content Analysis:

Language/Profanity:  6 religious exclamations; 11 mild obscenities; 2 anatomical terms. 

Violence/Gore:  Teens pursued by aliens with tentacles that harm & kill; bio-machines (type 1) are intent on killing, physical harm often inflicted sometimes death, major part of story, descriptive but little blood or gore; description of teen and infection, multi-page, no blood; aliens killed by teens with guns, descriptions of bio-machines being hit, bleeding green blood, descriptions throughout book, details are usually brief and not gory; extremely large bio-machines (type 2) intent on killing teens and any living being, often harmed but some are killed by teens with guns & rocket launchers, brief descriptions of beasts loosing arms or dying; most of the human race turned into mindless slaves; teens trained by an adult to use guns, rockets, and explosives in guerilla warfare style; creepy scene with people in a trance all contained in one area; joking threat to kill a team member; teen aims a loaded pistol at an evil man; teen held captive by adult; teen threatened by man that he will lose body parts if he doesn’t cooperate; innocent man dies of a stray bullet shot by teen; teen verbally threatens to kill evil man; massive explosion, teen hurt, mention of blood; teen uses explosives to kill bio-machines, decapitation of machines mentioned; teen killed by bio-machine, mention of hole in chest and having to leave him behind; adult leader sacrifices his life to save others, details of his actions but no blood mentioned; teen held by the neck by a bio-machine, no permanent damage inflicted; teen boy’s mind probed, causes discomfort and nose bleed; teen killed/dissolved by evil ruler, no blood or gore, brief description; fight between 2 adult men, mention of blood, scream, and death of 1; teen boys arm is severely damaged, brief descriptions.

Sex/Nudity:  None

Mature Subject Matter:

Alien attack, human enslavement, guns/explosives used by teens, death of teens and adults, miracles, guerilla warfare by teens, adoption, brain implants, scientific ethics, mechanical plague.

Alcohol / Drug Use:


Overall Book Rating

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Reading a good adventure story has always been a vacation in the theater of my mind. When I’m stressed or just need to get away for a few minutes, I love the opportunity to climb into somebody else’s world. I didn’t enjoy reading until I was in the Air Force and building bombs in Korea; it was a wonderful distraction from the real world. (I tried bull riding, but it wasn’t exciting enough.)