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Publisher's Note:

Athena Gray lives vicariously through her sister because people in general avoid her. Whether it's strange things like dead butterflies fluttering to life, or the time she saved her dying grandpapa just by willing him to live, Athena knows that she is different. The only person who doesn't seem to think so is Dan, the most popular boy on Omega High School's baseball team. But even Dan can't understand the reason she acts haunted, until a spirit roaming the local historic burial mounds takes an interest in people Athena cares about.…

Death Cheater

by Danielle Thorne

Overall Book Review:

Death Cheater touches on the difficult subject of death, but in a hopeful manner. It is a story that ponders the meaning of life and death. The book brings up difficult subjects, like the question of whether someone who is in pain should hang on to life. The theme was deep and serious, but written about in a manner that a teenager could understand and relate.

Death Cheater is about a teenage girl who has been forced to mature through the difficulties of paranormal gifts and through the constant weight of serious trials, like the death of a mother and grandfather. She is described as appearing completely average, but her life is far from it. This main character is funny and loving, but willing to fight against those who wish to walk all over her.

The book is short but well-written, so that the point is laid out clearly and the characters are three dimensional. It is also refreshing that this book is less of a love story than most teen fiction tends to be. This book touches more on friendship and family rather than on romance. Unlike most quick reads, Death Cheater is not just another guilty pleasure, entertainment novel, and it will leave you wondering, thinking, and hoping.

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Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language:  None

Violence/Gore:  Several creepy scenes where mythical frightening animals chase or guard against or growl at people; a scene with an animal cadaver in a science classroom, nongraphic; several creepy scenes involving a creepy, ghost or demon-like man; 2 characters die at separate times, sort of by natural causes, sort of by mythical causes where a character encouraged them to die; an unseen character considers suicide; a character talks about wanting to commit suicide, and a ghost-like man encourages him to follow through; a character’s house is ransacked; there is a frightening scene where a character has been kidnapped by mythical beings and a couple characters are in extreme danger; a character receives lots of splinters.

Sex/Nudity:  There is some handholding, but it is implied that it is strictly friendly.

Mature Subject Matter:

Death of family members, death of animals, death of acquaintances, considered suicide, abandonment, bullying, paranormal.

Alcohol / Drug Use:

A character is wrongly accused of doing drugs.

Overall Book Rating

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