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Book Review

Publisher's Note:

This is the story of Cupid--the god responsible for heartache, sleepless nights, and all those silly love songs--finally getting his comeuppance. When the god of love falls in love himself, things are bound to get interesting. And when he crosses his mama, Venus, in the process . . . Well, things could get downright messy. The much-lauded author of Pharaoh's Daughter and When Dad Killed Mom brings his renowned storytelling skills to one of the world's most famous tales. In doing so he weaves a romantic, hilarious drama brought to life with a bold new voice that's loaded with sly wisdom. Julius Lester's retelling is sure to draw new readers to classic mythology while satisfying old fans as well.…

Overall Book Review:

Cupid is definitely an interesting read.  The overall goal is a modern telling of an ancient love story between a mortal and a god from Mt. Olympus.  The story is told from the mixed perspective of the story and the writer.  Throughout, Mr. Lester interjects his thoughts on how the story is being told and his personal experiences as they relate to the narrative.

Although this book wasn’t my cup of tea, it isn’t a bad read.  The mixture of a myth told in modern day prose seemed to be a bit of a stretch.  I also wasn’t a fan of the story-telling perspective.  The plot line, however, was an interesting one: the god of love falling in love with a mortal despite his mother’s adamant disapproval.  

For those who like a good love story, this will fit the bill.  If you are looking more for a modern re-telling of an age old story, this won’t do. This would be a good choice for a rainy-day read, but not a must-have.

Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language:  2 derogatory names.

Violence/Gore:  Character knocks another down; telling of monster eating a character; characters plot to kill another character (no graphic detail); character kills a large python; character kicks another character; character gored by boar (minor graphic detail with blood depicted); god character kills human character by tossing down a mountain (minor graphic detail).

Sex/Nudity:  Multiple instances of kissing; multiple descriptions of character gazing on another’s body (both clothed and not); multiple instances of disrobing; multiple references to poses of love; multiple instances of full body massages (no graphic detail); character caresses another character; numerous references to characters having sex or affairs (no graphic detail); numerous inferences of sexual activity having happened or to come; multiple references to “becoming a bride”. 

Mature Subject Matter:

Suicide, marriage infidelity, spousal abandonment.

Alcohol / Drug Use:

Characters drink wine at wedding feasts (2); characters attend a feast where wine is consumed; characters drink to excess on mulled nectar.

Overall Book Rating

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