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Publisher's Note:

Meg Pero has been assisting her photographer father since she was big enough to carry his equipment, so when he dies she is determined to take over his profession--starting with fulfilling the contract he signed to serve on an Army survey of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in 1871. What she doesn't realize is that the leader of the expedition is none other than the man she once refused to marry. Captain Ben Coleridge would like nothing more than to leave without the woman who broke his heart, but he refuses to wait even one more day to get started. This survey is a screen for another, more personal mission, one he cannot share with any member of his team. As dangers arise from all sides, including within the survey party, Meg and Ben must work together to stay alive, fulfill their duties, and, just maybe, rekindle a love that neither had completely left behind.…

A Distance Too Grand

by Regina Scott

Overall Book Review:

A Distance Too Grand is the first of Regina Scott’s American Wonder Collection series.  As one might expect from a piece of historical fiction, Scott draws the readers into the time period and helps them really see how things might have been.

One of the main characters, Meg Pero, is a photographer.  As her story unfolds, the reader is drawn into Meg’s world.  The author describes Meg’s perspective in such a way as to help the reader really feel as though they are perceiving the world through the lens of a camera.

Each step of this journey contains interesting and hidden discoveries for both the readers and the characters of the story.  Emotions run high as people are placed in trying circumstances.  It is an interesting adventure as one considers all the challenges faced by early explorers and westward expansion.

This book was sent to Compass Book Ratings for review by Revell

Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language:  None 

Violence/Gore:  A person finds a corpse and it is apparent the person was shot; a person confesses to having killed people. 

Sex/Nudity:  Non-married characters embrace and kiss.

Mature Subject Matter:

Death of a parent, sexual discrimination.

Alcohol / Drug Use:


Overall Book Rating

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