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Book Review

Publisher's Note:

Upon the death of her father, seventeen-year-old Charlotte struggles to keep the family's woolen mill running in the face of an overwhelming mortgage and what the local villagers believe is a curse, but when a man capable of spinning straw into gold appears on the scene she must decide if his help is worth the price.…

A Curse Dark as Gold

by Elizabeth C. Bunce

Overall Book Review:

Imagine you live in a world of magic, but you refuse to acknowledge it or believe it until it starts to literally tear you apart–including your family and all you hold dear. The heroine has backbone, even if she feels she can’t turn to anyone else (always a fatal flaw, right?) and I felt like I was going crazy right along with her in the midst of the testing and trying of her unbelief.  This was the most amazingly interesting, twisted, and clever retelling of the Rumpelstiltskin fairytale I’ve ever read!! I loved it–and my family hated me for the whole Saturday I spent poring over it! 🙂 I loved the magic and the mystery. At first, I was disappointed in the fact that she got married so quickly and early and without all the ‘usual’ romantic tension–but I ended up loving that fact, as you could watch them struggle as a couple–trying to understand and ‘help’ each other; trying to learn to live together and trust each other; and not really succeeding…yet.  This is one I could read again. It is a story that satisfies. 

Content Analysis:

There is death, murder and ‘accidents’, but none of them are graphically described. 

There was no sexual content, of which I was happily surprised.  Even though the two characters are married, the author doesn’t take that as a license to intimately describe their honeymoon or beyond, and their courtship was short and sweet. As far as profanity, there were only about 4-5 words that I came across.

Mature Subject Matter:

As the story is all about a curse, I would definitely consider it to have a moderately mature theme.  There is a lot of talk about curses, voodoo, magic, hexes, etc.  Sometimes, the magical aspects become quite dark and disturbing, but not overly so.

Alcohol / Drug Use:


Overall Book Rating

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