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Publisher's Note:

Though Magnus MacLeish and Lark MacDougall grew up on the same castle grounds, Magnus is now laird of the great house and the Isle of Kerrera. Lark is but the keeper of his bees and the woman he is hoping will provide a tincture that might help his ailing wife conceive and bear him an heir. But when his wife dies suddenly, Magnus and Lark find themselves caught up in a whirlwind of accusations, ex…

A Bound Heart

by Laura Frantz

Overall Book Review:

Laura Frantz pens a tale of beauty and sadness that lingers long after the final page of A Bound Heart is turned.  People who have been to Scotland will feel a desire to return and those who have not visited will be drawn to the Scottish lands.  This historical piece takes place in the 1750s and spans the ocean from Scotland to Virginia in the New World.

Although many of the characters are interesting, the character of Lark is most inspirational when she uses her tenderhearted kindness to help others.  The relationship between her and the former Laird of Kerrera is one of great respect and love.  It is sweet to see how these two care for one another.

Lark is a simple person who finds herself the victim of unfortunate circumstances.  She is exiled to America as a punishment for her crimes.  This story follows her longing for her homeland, her family, and her friends.  It is interesting to read about the lifestyle of the early colonies and how it might be perceived by a Scot.

The romance in this book goes beyond the typical superficial fair common in today’s romance world.  This story shows the power of love and devotion and its ability to transcend time and distance.  Enjoy this journey back in time where it can be discovered that people of all ages just want to love and belong.

This book was sent to Compass Book Ratings for review by Revell

Content Analysis:

Profanity/Language:  None 

Violence/Gore:  Person mentions the punishment for a crime is beheading; report that a person fell over a cliff and died; report that a person attempted to murder another; a man tries to cause injury to a woman, but is interrupted; people are beaten for failure to follow rules; slaves have scars that implicate severe beatings. 

Sex/Nudity:  It is implied that a person is a prostitute; a man attacks a woman with the intent to rape her, but she is saved before he does more than tear her clothing; non-married people kiss and embrace.

Mature Subject Matter:

Slavery, indentured servitude, infertility, orphans.

Alcohol / Drug Use:

Person drinking ale; a person was reportedly drunk; a person drank a tincture of opium and wine; a variety of spirits are consumed.

Overall Book Rating

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