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Summer Reading List for 2015 Young Adult Readers

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Finally!  No more school and you can read what you want.  (Unless you have AP classes, and then you have our condolences!)  Here is our hand-picked list of books for a teenager summer reading list.  We have selected twelve books (which, not coincidentally, is the approximate number of weeks in the summer).  Be sure to reward yourself with something delicious if you read all twelve.  Read on!

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Rook, Book class=

#1 – Something New (as in hot off the presses in 2015)

Rook is a mash-up of genres with homage and a tip of the hat to The Scarlet Pimpernel.  We loved it and it is the perfect start to the summer.

The Blue Sword, Book class=

#2 – Something Old (as in it was written before you were born)

The Blue Sword won a ton of awards back in the day, and it really stands the test of time with fantasy and action.  If you haven’t discovered this author, then you are in for a treat because McKinley has written a ton.

What I Saw and How I Lied, Book class=

#3 – An Award-winning Book

What I Saw and How I Lied is a National Book Award winner.  Historical fiction set after World War II, it has atmosphere in spades and an ending that will keep you thinking late at night for a long time.

Spare Parts, Book class=

#4 – A Non-Fiction Book

Spare Parts recently inspired a Hollywood adaptation.  This book looks at the grit and ingenuity of a group of high school, underdog students.  Completely worth your reading time!

If You're Reading This, Book class=

#5 – A Book with a Contemporary Setting

If You’re Reading This–football, forgiveness, growing-up–these are just a few of the themes of this book.

Kalahari, Book class=

#6 – A Sci-Fi Book

Kalahari is adventure with a science fiction flair.  We aren’t talking deep space science fiction here, but the plot all revolves about science fiction concepts.  Good guy and girl read.

I Have a Bad Feeling About This, Book class=

#7 – Something Funny

I Have a Bad Feeling About This is a laugh out-loud comedy that is set at a camp.  Read our review–we really think you will enjoy it.

Death Cheater, Book class=

#8 – An Indie

Kind of like Indie music or something off the beaten path.  So much is published these days by just a few large publishing houses. Take a sampling of something outside the mainstream institutions with Death Cheater.

Anomaly, Book class=

#9 – A Series

Anomaly is the first in a series of the same name.  A dystopian young adult series that will appeal to those who liked the Divergent series.

Inherit Midnight, Book class=

#10 – A Trip Around the Globe

Inherit Midnight takes the reader on a riddle-solving trip around the globe.  So even if you never leave your town this summer physically, you can leave it vicariously.

Cruel Beauty, Book class=

#11 – A Re-telling

There are a lot of these out there these days so there are a lot of options in this category.  Try Cruel Beauty for a spin on the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale.

Trust Me, I'm Lying -- Book class=

#12 – A Thriller/Action Book

Think of Italian Job or Ocean’s Eleven…but as a young adult book, and you have Trust Me, I’m Lying.  A great escapist, summer read.

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