Halloween Jack O'Lanterns

Spooky Read Recommendations for Halloween 2012

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Halloween Jack O'Lanterns

What is your Fear Factor?

Frankly, my fear factor is pretty pathetic.  I do not naturally gravitate towards scary books and I positively flee from horror movies.  I also don’t generally encourage my children to read scary books because I prefer to not have them crawling into my bed at night in a hyped state of activated imagination.  However, some people enjoy a good fright without too much gore.  Here are a few suggestions from the Compass Book Ratings database by age.  The books were great reads, but have a content level of 5 or less in all categories.  So if you or someone you know is in the mood for a Halloween read, then these are fabulous books to try.

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Happy Halloween Reading!

Cindy M., Executive Editor

Midnight in Austenland, Book CoverAge 21+

Surprisingly, this story has a spooky side to it!



Haunting Violet, Book CoverAge 16+

This murdered ghost story is set in the 1800’s in England.



The Death Catchers, Book CoverAge 14+

This young protagonist sees her first ghost on Halloween. Perfect for this time of year!



The Stone Child, Book CoverAge 12+

Loved this! Deliciously spooky…even to a reader who isn’t normally a fan of scary stories!



The Mapmaker and the GhostAge 9+

This adventure and treasure hunt has a famous ghost, but isn’t too scary.