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Newbery Award-winning author Richard Peck is at his very best in this fast-paced mystery adventure. Fans of The Tale of Desperaux, A Little Princess, and Stuart Little will all be captivated by this memorable story of a lovable orphan mouse on an amazing quest.

The smallest mouse in London’s Royal Mews is such a little mystery that he hasn't even a name. And who were his parents? His Aunt Marigold, Head Needlemouse, sews him a uniform and sends him off to be educated at the Royal Mews Mouse Academy. There he's called "Mouse Minor" (though it's not quite a name), and he doesn't make a success of school. Soon he's running for his life, looking high and low through the grand precincts of Buckingham Palace to find out who he is and who he might become.

Queen Victoria ought to be able to help him, if she can communicate with mice. She is all-seeing, after all, and her powers are unexplainable. But from her, Mouse Minor learns only that you do not get all your answers from the first asking. And so his voyage of self-discovery takes him onward, to strange and wonderful places.

The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail

by Richard Peck

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The list of children books that feature a mouse as a major character is long indeed.  (Somehow mice are consistently adorable and charming in literature, but oddly not so much in reality.)  The prolific Richard Peck adds to that long list of books with The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail.  This book follows only a few days in the life of an unnamed mouse in the service of Her Majesty of England.  He is a mouse in the quest of answers and his place in the world.  The book's voicing is distinctly English and perhaps a bit high-brow and slow-paced for very young readers.  It does sport charming illustrations by Kelly Murphy (Yes, those little mice are darling!) and would probably be a good read aloud.


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Profanity/Language:  None


Violence/Gore:  A few verbal threats; character falls from horse with minor injuries; bullies punch character; reference to the beheadings during the French Revolution; report of a death, no details.


Sex/Nudity:  None

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Death of a parent

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None noted

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