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When King Jekoniah of Xandria is kidnapped by evil Grishnaki, the royal family searches for a way to save him. The desired ransom is impossible, and an outright war on the Grishnaki would end in disaster so Prince Kiriath undertakes a secret mission into the Grishnaki s valley. But danger slows the prince's journey, and as the ransom deadline approaches, Kiriath begins to wonder whether he will reach his father in time.

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Kiriath's Quest

by Rick Barry

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Kiriath's Quest by Rick Barry is full of loyalty, treachery, adventure and enchantment. Even a little love story finds its way onto the sidelines for the hopeless romantic to enjoy. Rick Barry jumps in with an exhilarating start and right away there is a sense of foreboding. It was exciting to see how the story played out in the end and on several occasions the suspense had me rushing ahead. I loved the characters in this book--even the scoundrels were intriguing. Barry was able to deliver a remarkable war story without making it too gory or difficult to read. Anyone who loves action and adventure will enjoy this young adult book!

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  None


Violence/Gore:  Many (22) brief incidents including character joking about telling a non-human character to kill him; character thinking about violence such as death that might occur; drink described that causes immediate death; discussion of potentially dying; possibility of an ax swinging at a character mentioned; thinking about those who could've died; characters talking about killing; mention of war; deserted land and mention of some characters getting killed; skeletons found; animal skulls seen; second hand report of character getting beat and purposely made sick from food; second hand report (just mentioned) that young character witnessed murder of family; second hand report that character was wounded in a fight; character hit in the head with sword just causing a little pain; character kicked; weapon hitting character's armor but not causing harm; story about death; character attacked by non-human thing; non-human characters getting killed by humans; hunting.

Few (3) extended incidents including human characters getting ambushed by non-human characters; animals attacking humans and other animals; war.


Sex/Nudity:  Few (3) brief incidents such as character putting arm around another; character licking lips when thinking about someone.

Mature Subject Matter:  

War; Abuduction.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

Potion that causes immediate death is taken.

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