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Long ago, the Storyteller claimed, in this first book of THE BELGARIAD, the evil god Torak drove men and Gods to war. But Belgarath the Sorcerer led men to reclaim the Orb that protected men of the West. So long as it lay at Riva, the prophecy went, men would be safe.

But Garion did not believe in such stories. Brought up on a quiet farm by his Aunt Pol, how could he know that the Apostate planned to wake dread Torak, or that he would be led on a quest of unparalleled magic and danger by those he loved--but did not know...?

Pawn of Prophecy

by David Eddings

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Pawn of Prophecy is the first book in David Eddings Belgariad Series.  The book mainly focuses on developing a world, filling it with characters and then have an adventure.  Nothing complex or ground-breaking--just good old fashion fun.  Fun, that is timeless and for all ages.


David Eddings characters do need special mention.  Although the book is filled with many fantasy archtypes (i.e. wandering wizard, crafty rogue, knight in shining armor, etc) deeper inspections reveals some real gems.  Belgareth and Polgara are my favorites.  Their relationship and world view is written beautifully.  You really understand their motivations and feel that you know them personally.  Together they rank right up there with best and most recognized fantasy characters; Gandolf, Merlin, Aragorn, Dumbledore, Ohmsford family, and Allanon to name a few. 


Filled with interesting quests and interpersonal relationships the story is easy to read but filled with substance.  Reading all five books back to back is the best way to enjoy the whole tale but not necessary.  Pawn of Prophecy starts off the tremendous epic saga of Garion with perfect pace, filled with action and intrigue.  I highly recommend this book.

Content Analysis:  

Language/Profanity:  None


Violence/Gore:  Child falls and breaks arm; child almost drowns after falling off raft and hitting head; several medieval style combat scenes that end in injury and/or death, one encounter is descriptive with some blood and gore; fantasy violence that ends in a god-like character being maimed by magic; several times war causalities are mentioned; family is locked in a cottage and set fire to, parents die, child lives, non-descriptive; a culture in the book practices human sacrifice, non-descriptive.


Sex/Nudity:  Brief flirting scenes with teenagers; a small discussion about child birth and pregnancy, non-descriptive.

Mature Subject Matter:  

War, death of child, death of family members, slavery, human sacrifice.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

Characters drink ale, sometimes heavily.

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