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The rocking motion of the train as it speeds along, the sound of its wheels on the rails . . . There’s something special about this form of travel that makes for easy conversation, which is just what happens to the four strangers who meet in Trains and Lovers.
As they journey by rail from Edinburgh to London, the four travelers pass the time by sharing tales of trains that have changed their lives. A young, keen-eyed Scotsman recounts how he turned a friendship with a female coworker into a romance by spotting an anachronistic train in an eighteenth-century painting. An Australian woman shares how her parents fell in love and spent their life together running a railroad siding in the remote Australian Outback. A middle-aged American patron of the arts sees two young men saying goodbye in a train station and recalls his own youthful crush on another man. And a young Englishman describes how exiting his train at the wrong station allowed him to meet an intriguing woman whom he impulsively invited to dinner—and into his life.
Here is Alexander McCall Smith at his most enchanting, exploring the nature of love—and trains—in a collection of romantic, intertwined stories.

Trains and Lovers

by Alexander McCall Smith

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Alexander McCall Smith is back again, with a charming novel that is sure to burrow its way into your heart and invite itself to stay for a while. His characters are easy to become acquainted with and quite likeable--each with a unique story to tell. If the author himself isn't enough to entice you into picking up this book, the cover illustration will be. With a beautiful depiction of a train passing by and shadows of passengers visible through the windows, it made me wonder what kind of story the book held. Smith writes a wonderful story of how a journey and a few strangers who think they have nearly nothing in common can pass the hours away recalling stories of past and current adventures involving trains and matters of the heart. Although this book was interesting, due to my personal preferences, it was not my favorite style.

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Profanity/Language: 1 Religious exclamation


Violence/Gore:  None


Sex/Nudity: A man and woman share a passionate kiss; reference to a gay couple.

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Death of a parent.

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Reviewed By Lydia
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